QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool : Installation and Usage

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool : Installation and Usage

QuickBooks, developed in 2012 by Intuit, is financial accounting software that aims at supporting the operations of business firms and company start-ups by having track of important information of finances and tax bills. Its high-quality features have made it a popular choice among users all over the world but with all the advantages, it is a setback for a user that encounters errors and glitches in its operations. 

With the user’s overview, the development team of QuickBooks created a tool to advance and upgrade their software to help fix the errors and issues that a user is facing while accessing QBs. This astonishing tool developed has been named as QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.

The name itself defines the role of the tool but with this article, we will take you on a tour for a detailed explanation of all the concepts associated with the QuickBooks diagnostic connection tool. Now, let’s start with defining the Quickbooks diagnostics connection tool? This tool assists you in fixing problems of common connection networks and company file issues in QuickBooks. Except performing these roles, it also troubleshoots purposes that stop proper access of connection in the computer system. All in all, this valuable Diagnostic Connection Tool can help you diagnose all the internet-related and network issues instantly. 

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

The QuickBooks Diagnostic Connection Tool is free of cost resourceful tool that can be easily downloaded by any user in the world. It eases the resolving procedure of the basic networking and H-series errors of multi-user mode and 6000 series bugs. These types of errors can be seen by the user when he tries to access the company file. QBs connection tool diagnostics download also connects Quickbooks database manager and Quickbooks Company records easily.

Requirements Needed to Install Quickbooks Diagnostics Connection Tool

When it comes to storing this diagnostic tool in your system, only basic requirements are needed. Any computer having Windows XP, MS Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows 10 is compatible with this tool. Moreover, it only is supported by QBs 2008 version and later upgrades or Quickbooks enterprise Solution 8.0 or later upgrades. Also, Your computer system must contain components of C++ framework structure and Microsoft components.

QBs Connection Diagnostic Tool: Issues and Errors Faced 

As you are working on QuickBooks, you can experience many kinds of issues and errors that hinder your work. The points are given below list all such issues and errors faced by you that can be instantly fixed via the Connection Diagnostics tool.  


  • Windows Firewall corrupted installation.
  • QuickBooks Database access denied.
  • Errors display texts popping up again and again. 
  • Missing and broken QuickBooks-related file.
  • Corrupted files of the system registry.
  • Vacant customer list.
  • QuickBooks’ vendor list is blank.
  • Mouse and keyboard functions unable to respond properly. 
  • Windows crashes and freezes while operating. 


  • QuickBooks Error 9999
  • QuickBooks error 6000 80
  • QuickBooks Error -6150
  • Error Code -6000 -82
  • QBs Error Code 15215 server not responding
  • Error Code -6147
  • Error Code 102
  • QuickBooks Error -6103

When to Use the Diagnostic Tool?

In case you experience some of the issues and symptoms discussed below, then you are advised to use this diagnostics tool. 

  • In the case of the QBs version and the firewall setup not being compatible with each other.
  • For resolving Corrupted, temporary, and junk QBs files.
  • To fix the empty spaces of the QBs customer list.
  • To help if the user has lost the entries of the employee’s list and automatically update it. 
  • For correcting the QBs blank list of vendors.
  • Grants access to QuickBooks Database and resolve issues of the QBs Database Server Manager.
  • Troubleshooting H-series multi-user errors and 6000 type errors.
  • Entry of any malware and virus attack. 

How to Download and Install Connection QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool?

The procedure of downloading and installing the Quickbooks Connection tool on your computer system has been given as a step-by-step guide for you.

QuickBooks Coonection Diagnostic Tool Directory Install

  • To start with, you first need to uninstall any older existing version of QuickBooks from your system.
  • With a good network connection setup, go to the main website of QuickBooks Intuit and search for the QB connection diagnostic 2018 tool download.   
  • After completing the download, go to the destination folder of the tool and open it.  

QuickBooks Coonection Diagnostic Tool Directory Folder

  • An installation window will appear on your computer screen. Click on Next.
  • Now, after the on-screen instructions are completed then, agree to the license agreement of terms and conditions to proceed forward. 

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool License AGreement

  • Tap on Finish to complete the process of installation. 
  •  The installation file is recommended to be saved in the C drive.

How to Use Connection Diagnostic Tool in QuickBooks?

Now with the tool installed in your system, the steps mentioned below will assist you in using this tool efficiently in QBs.

  • After completion of the installation process, this diagnostic tool will automatically open up.
  • Search for the File Menu and select Utilities.

Utilities Option

  • Choose the repair file option now.
  • Go to the Network Problem Tab to open it.
  • Browse for the company file that needs fixing and select it.

Browse the Company File

  • If a single user is operating the software, then there is no requirement for the network connectivity option. Many problems arise due to file corruption and network connectivity issues.
  • Click on the Show Advance Settings option and a drop-down menu will come.
  • As per your existing problem, select the related issues.
  • Now, sign in with the admin password and press OK.

Admin Password

  • Choose the Host system or workstation PC. 
  • Now select the QBs Diagnostic Connection Tool and do a scan. The scanning and repairing process will take a few minutes to be completed. 
  • You can access the error-free company file and continue with your work without any hindrance.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Tabs 

Firewall Status Tab

Firewall Status Tab

The general setup of a firewall can be seen within the firewall status tab. Here you can change the settings as per your requirements of the firewall configuration in Windows

Diagnose Connection Tab 

Diagnose Connection Tab

To use this tab, the user must choose the specific company file with errors then he needs to go for the option Diagnose/Repair to carry out a scan. As the scan is completed in a few minutes, you will have your error resolved from the QuickBooks Company file. 

QBs Connection Diagnostics Tool Components

  • Net Framework
  • MSXML 
  • C++
  1. QB Diagnostic Repair Tool fixes Microsoft.NET framework, C++, and MSXML related problems.
  2. Update your Windows for installing the lost updates associated with Microsoft.NET framework, C++, and MSXML.
  3. Troubleshooting the Microsoft components manually.
  4. Using Selective Start-up mode for the clean installation of QuickBooks software.                                  Selective Start-up mode

Test Connectivity Tab

Test Connectivity Tab

This tab is associated with checking the network and internet connectivity of your system. Remember that a damaged network files with .ND extension files can cause you trouble such as quickbooks error 6129. Intuit host servers and Quickbooks can also establish a stable connection with each other. In case of the existence of this issue, you can follow the steps below to use this tab. 

  • Select your company file by using the Browse option beside the Company File option.
  • Now, you need to tap on Test Connectivity
  • After completion of the process, in case all the problems are fixed it will be displayed in green color and still the issues exist, it will be displayed in red color.

The QuickBooks Diagnostic Connection Tool is a dynamic, resourceful, and free-of-cost tool that can be easily downloaded by any user in the world. It eases the resolving procedure of the basic networking and H-series errors of multi-user mode and 6000 series bugs. QBs connection tool diagnostics download also connects Quickbooks database manager and Quickbooks Company records easily. 

We hope you have learned all the aspects related to the QuickBooks connection diagnostics tool and will be able to resolve any such kind of errors encountered very easily. For errors still not being fixed in your system, you must reach out for advanced guidance from an IT professional in this field or simply connect yourself with the support team of QuickBooks.

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