10 Quick Solutions To fix QuickBooks Error Code 12031

10 Quick Solutions To fix QuickBooks Error Code 12031

QuickBooks Error 12031 is an existing QuickBooks Error that is related to problems coming in updating QBs software to its better-upgraded version and updating payroll services. Starting with this general definition, we will be targeting all the essential and related concepts of QuickBooks Error 12031. But firstly, we must get to know a brief on QuickBooks software.

QuickBooks is a software by Intuit that was developed in 2012 to manage the finance and accounts associated work operations. Its major users exist in small-sized to medium-sized industries, start-ups, and firms. Its main uses range from tracking tabs of employees, managing and creating reports, working with tax bills and finance reports, and other inventories. It is a user-friendly application that allows users to work with its features easily.    

But with all the users being happy with the software, there are still a lot many irritated with its working as many bugs, errors, issues, technical problems, and various errors exist in QuickBooks. Today, we are going to talk about one such QBs error named – QuickBooks Error 12031. From its basic definition to its reasons for the occurrence to its solutions, everything will be discussed in detail in this article. Read and learn with us.      

Quickbooks Error Code 12031: Introduction

QuickBooks Error 12031

QuickBooks Error 12031 is a type of 12000 series error that can prevail when you are trying to update the QuickBooks application in your system and other Payroll update services. The Quickbooks error 12031 is witnessed by the user when he tries to refresh QBs payroll services, upgrade the QuickBooks version, and when there is an obstruction in granting access to the server because of timeout network issues. Even, incomplete and incorrect configuration settings cause the security system set up and the firewall to be altered helping the error to exist in your computer system.

The SSL system configuration setup being invalid can also cause this error to be in your system. This is quite a basic error faced by every user across the world. This error hinders the flow of the work of the users and the host servers’ connection with Quickbooks makes the users’ work operations to be disrupted.  

Error 12031 Quickbooks Update: Reasons and Causes

There are various reasons and causes that cause the QuickBooks error 12031 to be in QuickBooks software. We have provided a list of these causes below.

  • Weak and unstable internet and network setup.
  • The default browser is different from Internet Explorer.
  • SSL configuration and setup settings are invalid can also cause QuickBooks Error 12031.
  • QBs operations are blocked by the Firewall setup.
  • Access to QuickBooks is stopped by the Antivirus applications. 
  • Attack by Malware and Virus.
  •  The operations in QuickBooks are disabled by the network timeout error.

Error 12031 Quickbooks: Solutions To Resolve

The QuickBooks Update Error 12031 can be quickly and easily resolved through the solutions provided below. These methods can be followed by every QuickBooks user across the world.  

Method 1: QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Use

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • The first step for you is to download the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool in your computer system.
  • Once successfully downloaded, then you are required to install this diagnostic tool by going with the on-screen instructions one by one.
  • Accept the license agreement and click on Finish at last to complete the process of installation. 
  • Now, Access this installed tool and go to the Test Connectivity tab.
  • Within the tab Test Connectivity, choose the option Browse and find your company file in the directory location. 
  • You need to click on the specific company file with the issue. 
  • Choose the option Test Connectivity.
  • In a few moments’ time, the repair process will be completed and this 12031 error will be fixed.  

Method 2: Using Stable Internet Connection Setup

  • Firstly, double-click on the QuickBooks software on your system, and in the left pane of the software, find the help menu. 
  • Under the Help menu, choose the option Internet Connection Setup.
  • After this, you are required to reach out for the option “Use my computer’s Internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the Internet

Setting Up Stable Internet Connection

  • Click on the option Next and then hit on the option Done to complete the setup. 

Setting Up Stable Internet Connection

 Note: Also, Update your Quickbooks application to the latest release in case you have not updated it.

Method 3: Rename the Network Data file

Renaming the Network Data file

  • Find the source folder of the QBs company file. 
  • After this, you are required to look out for the file name ending with the extension as .nd (Network Data File).
  • Now, right mouse click on the Network Data file and tap on the option Rename.
  • Add old added at the end of the file name and rename it such as sahiltaxreport.qbw.nd.old.

Method 4: Checking the Firewall Setup 

Checking the Firewall Setup 

Firewall often restricts the proper working operations of QBs software and hinders the download process or the process of updating. We advise you to alter the permission settings of the Firewall to resolve the QuickBooks Error 12031 and other issues. The stepwise procedure has been provided below.

  • Under the Start menu, go to the Search Box and write in Firewall, and hit Enter.
  • After this, from the locator menu, choose the option Windows Firewall.
  • Under the Firewall window, choose the option Allow a Program or Feature
  • Now, select the option Change Settings and a new window will be displayed on your desktop screen.
  • Mark the boxes that grant QuickBooks access to the Firewall option.

Method 5: Updating the Quickbooks software

Updating Quickbooks

In case you have the latest version of the QuickBooks software, then you must jump on to the next solution. It is seen that upgrading the QuickBooks application to its latest upgrade can fix the glitches, bugs and errors automatically. The steps to upgrade the software have been mentioned below. 

  • Firstly, you are required to double-click on the QBs icon and access the QuickBooks software and go to the Help Menu.
  • Under this menu, you will see an option Update Quickbooks. Select it.
  • All the latest releases of QuickBooks upgrades can be now seen on the desktop screen and you should select the latest version available. 
  • After the process of installation is completed, you should restart your PC and check whether the QuickBooks error 12031 still exists or not.

Method 6: SSL AND TLS Configuration

Configuring SSL AND TLS

The SSL and TLS configuration settings are quite essential for Quickbooks connectivity.

  • The first step is to open the Internet Explorer option.
  • Now, choose the option Internet.
  • The upper pane has the tab Advanced. Click on it.  
  • After this, you can easily modify and alter the TLS and SSL settings. Then tap on OK to apply the changes in settings. 

Method 7: Updating Quickbooks Payroll Services To Resolve The Error

  • From the Desktop, click on QuickBooks to open it.
  • Go to the options menu. 
  • Under this menu, choose the option Internet Connection Setup.
  • After this, select the option Internet Properties.
  • Now, from all the given tabs choose the tab Advanced. 
  • After this, modify the Advanced Settings and match your desired requirements.
  • Tap on Apply and then OK to apply the changes made by you.
  • The window will be closed and lastly, close all the running programs and re-access it to update the QuickBooks payroll services.

Method 8: Download Quickbooks Software Update in Safe Mode

Downloading Quickbooks Update in Windows Safe Mode

This method will assist in carrying out the process of downloading the Quickbooks Update software in Windows Safe Mode. In case of interruptions by the third-party applications in the process of update, carry out this method to troubleshoot the Quickbooks update error 12031.

  • Change your system to work in the Safe Mode. 
  • Now, press the keys Windows + I on your keyboard to access the option Settings.
  • After this, select the option Update & Security and choose the Recovery Settings
  • Under the Recovery Settings option, reach out for the Advance Startup and go to the option Restart Now.
  • A window screen will be displayed with the name Choose an Option

Downloading Quickbooks Update in Windows Safe Mode

  • After this, choose the option Troubleshoot and then go to the option Advanced.

Downloading Quickbooks Update in Windows Safe Mode

  • Now, open the option Startup Settings.  

Downloading Quickbooks Update in Windows Safe Mode

  • Choose the option Restart and enter the Bitlocker Recovery Key.  

Downloading Quickbooks Update in Windows Safe Mode

  • Once all the above steps are done, your PC will be automatically restarted with a list of options appearing on the screen.
  • You are required to go to option number 4 and press F4 on your keyboard to start the system in the Safe Mode. 
  •  If you are using the Internet, go to option number 5 or press  F5 on your keyboard for Safe Mode with Networking.
  • After this, you should download the Quickbooks Software update.
  • Once you have completed the process of updating, then you can also go back to using the Normal Mode.

Method 9: Ceasing Third-Party Applications 

Third-party applications antivirus disrupt Quickbooks operations. It is basically due to the antivirus taking the functions and operations in QuickBooks as malicious. So, you are required to disable the third-party applications or you can even uninstall it to fix the QuickBooks Error 12031. 

Method 10: Updating Windows

Updating Windows

Windows update is the go-to solution to many Quickbooks errors including QuickBooks Error 12031. We have provided the steps below to update the Windows. 

  • In the Start menu, go to the Search Box.
  • Type in Windows Update in the search box, and tap Enter.
  • Now, the user is needed to go to the Check for Updates option.
  • A list will be displayed on the screen with all the available Windows upgrades in your system.
  • After this, tap on the Download and Install option, and the process of Windows will begin.
  • After some minutes, your Windows will be upgraded and the user is required to reboot his PC to complete the updating process. 

Final Words

QuickBooks Error 12031 is a kind of 12000 series error that can exist when the user is trying to update the QuickBooks application in your system and other Payroll update services. The Quickbooks error code 12031 is witnessed by the user when he tries to refresh QBs payroll services, upgrade the QuickBooks version, and when there is an obstruction in granting access to the server because of timeout network issues. In this article, we have given the best of our efforts to help you in all the aspects associated with QuickBooks Error 12031 – Reasons for its occurrence, 10 easy solutions to fix the update error easily, etc.

We are fully hopeful that you must now be having a decent idea about this error and you will be able to self resolve these kinds of issues just by going through this article. In case you are unable to work through these issues, then you can easily get in touch with the support team of QuickBooks.

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