QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15241- How To Fix?

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15241- How To Fix?

QuickBooks is one of the most essential software for small and big business owners. The software helped businesses to track down their financial records. However, over a few years, the users of QuickBooks are complaining about experiencing various errors and one of them is QuickBooks error 15241. So if you are also someone who is dealing with the issue and not sure what to do next. Then you have landed on the correct page. In this article, we will talk about the QuickBooks update error 15241. There are many Quickbooks update errors that occur because of the update in the QuickBooks thus we have to be sure about the error that you are facing to be exact, one such error is com error QuickBooks 2017 So read the whole article till the end without skipping any steps or sections.

Before directly discussing the various solutions we first need to learn about the error in detail. Hence we will be now talking about the symptoms, causes, and other important factors before trying to resolve the problem.

What is QuickBooks Error 15241?

quickbooks error 15241

You would know that you are experiencing QuickBooks error 15241 when you received the error message popup as:

Error 15241: The payroll update did not complete successfully

There could be various reasons for the occurrence of the error. Users generally experience the error 15241 QuickBooks due to the disabling of the QuickBooks Desktop File Copy Service (FCS). This error could also damage the Microsoft Windows Installer and cause difficulties in the QuickBooks payroll function.

Triggers that caused QuickBooks Error 15241

It is important to know the various triggers of QuickBooks error 15241 before solving the error. So let’s learn that are the reasons that have caused the error in your system.

  • The QuickBooks error 15241 can be triggered due to the disabling QuickBooks Desktop File Copy Service (FCS).
  • You might have downloaded the wrong or corrupted version of payroll.
  • The update of payroll did not complete successfully.
  • This error might also be arising due to the deletion of some important QuickBooks files.
  • Third-party antivirus software could be blocking QuickBooks from accessing the updating file.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15241

Many users have shared the common symptoms that they have experienced while facing QuickBooks update error 15241. Below is a list of some of the symptoms.

  • You might receive the error message of QuickBooks update error 15241.
  • The user can not install the payroll update.
  • You may also get the update notification in QuickBooks Payroll.

Establish Preference in QuickBooks Desktop

To perform this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Edit menu and search for the option Preferences.
  2. Click the option to continue.
  3. After that select the Reports button and Graphs located.
  4. Now, to proceed, choose the My Preferences or Company Preferences option.
  5. Under My Preferences, click on the option that says, modify report option and then check before opening the report.
  6. Create a report that will modify the Window automatically.
  7. Then tap on refresh, set graph, and Report Preferences to complete the procedure.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15241?error 15241 quickbooks

Now since we have enough information about the error 15241 QuickBooks, it is time to solve the issue. All the methods that we have discussed below are tested and performed to resolve the error. So make sure to follow all the steps very carefully.

For Windows 7/8/10/ Vista

If you are a Windows user with version 7 or 8 or 10 or Windows Vista, then you need to follow the steps discussing below to resolve the problem.

  1. First of all, close the QuickBooks Desktop software.
  2. Hit on the Windows Start button on your keyboard and then click right on the PC.
  3. Now choose the option, Manage tab to continue.

For only Windows 10 Users

quickbooks error 15241 windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user, then you can also try this method to resolve the issue.

  1. Hit the Search button on the taskbar.
  2. Then look for the Computer icon, click on it.
  3. Then choose the option Manager to open the tab.
  4. Go to the Services and hit the Applications button on the left-hand side.
  5. After that, look for the option Services on the right-hand side and click on it.
  6. Go to the Intuit QuickBooks FSC and double-click on it.
  7. Choose the Manual startup.
  8. Hit on the Apply button.
  9. Select the option Start and then click the OK button.
  10. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  11. Try to download the updated version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  12. Then click the Update latest payroll tax table to complete the process.

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For Windows XP Users

quickbooks payroll update error 15241

If you are using Windows XP then try to perform these steps:

  1. First of all, close the QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Go to the option My Computer from the Desktop and then choose Manage.
  3. The computer management screen will be open.
  4. Select the option of Services from the tab Services and Applications.
  5. Scroll down and search for the option Intuit QuickBooks FSC service, click on it.
  6. The above step will lead you to the window of QuickBooks FCS Properties.
  7. Tap on the General tab and then choose the option of Startup.
  8. You will get a drop-down list, choose the option Manual from there.
  9. To continue the process, press the OK button.
  10. Again, open the QuickBooks Desktop product.
  11. Try to update the Payroll tax tables.
  12. Go to the Employees option and click on the button Get Payroll Updates.
  13. After that try to download the Payroll update.
  14. Choose the tab of Update.
  15. During or before the downloading process, you will receive a message, “A new tax table and/or updates to your payroll tax forms have been installed on your computer.
  16. Hit the OK button to continue.

Another Method to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15241

You can set up the settings such that your QuickBooks will automatically get updated. These settings will help you to avoid the manual updating of the software when an updated version is available.

  1. Tap on the Help option and then choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Then click on the Options tab.
  3. To continue the process click on Yes.
  4. After that click on the Close tab.

Final Words!

Hopefully, the article helped you to resolve the problem. If you are still facing the same issue then consider contacting the customer service of Quickbooks. There are so many other errors that can occur in the QuickBooks that mostly happen when you are trying to do the connection with the bank server. This error can be QuickBooks Error 342. You can easily access the support number from the official website of Intuit. If you liked the article then also try the other blogs on our website. Share the article with your friends, family, and teammates.

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