Simple Ways To Troubleshoot Quickbooks Payroll Error 15270

Simple Ways To Troubleshoot Quickbooks Payroll Error 15270

QuickBooks update error 15270 occurred while updating the payroll. Quickbooks is one of the most useful software for small and medium business owners. This application helps to manage and track the financial transaction of the businesses. The owners can effortlessly keep the records at the tips of their fingers. However, just like any other software, the users of QuickBooks also face a few errors, one of them is QuickBooks essential error 15270.

If you are someone who is facing the same issue then you have landed on the accurate page. We are going to discuss QuickBooks Update Error 15270 in detail along with the symptoms, causes, and of course the solutions to resolve the issue. So make sure to read the whole article till the end.

What is QuickBooks Update Error 15270?

QuickBooks update error 15270

QuickBooks update error 15270 is the most common error among many. This issue mainly arises while updating the payroll. Along with this error, there are many other errors that occur while updating payrolls such as QuickBooks error 15241, QuickBooks Update error 12029, and many more. Always remember to check out your error code thoroughly.  If you are also one of the users who is facing the issue, then do not panic! You can easily fix the problem using the troubleshooting method of the error. But before actually jumping in the solution let us first understand the various reasons for the occurrence of the error in the first place and also the main symptoms of the issue.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Update Error 15270

The users of QuickBooks who have faced the error shared that they have experienced the following symptoms:

  • It might crash all the programs that are running on the desktop window.
  • The error might also damage or crash the whole computer.

Reasons for the Occurrence of the QuickBooks Update Error 15270

Since we know the symptoms of error 15270, it is time to discuss the causes that have triggered the issue in your PC.

  • You might have turned on the User Account Settings.
  • The incomplete download or installation of the updated files could have triggered the error.
  • The Internet Explorer is not the default browser.
  • It occurs when the system fails to update the files completely.
  • The damaged or corrupted QuickBooks program files might also cause an error.

Methods to Resolve the QuickBooks Update Error 15270

Now we know the cause of the QuickBooks error code 15270 and the symptoms of the issue. Below are the methods to resolve the payroll error.

Step 1: Turn off the User Account Control (UAC)

Turn off the User Account Control- Turn-off-the-User-Account-Control-settings

To solve the issue you first off the User Account Control. For various versions of Windows, we have discussed different steps.

For Windows Vista:

  1. Tap on the Windows icon and then click on the Control panel.
  2. You can also tap on the classic view on the left-hand side of the windows screen if the first step failed to happen.
  3. Then double to click the option User Accounts.
  4. After successfully following the above steps, now try to turn the User account control as ON or OFF.
  5. To protect the desktop, clear the option ‘Use User Account Control’ and then hit the OK button to end the process.
  6. Restart the PC.
  7. Simultaneously also restart the QuickBooks software and try to reopen the application to check if it is working properly.

For Windows 7,8:

  1. Go to the Windows Start from the main menu and then select Control Panel.
  2. Tap on the option View from the drop-down list.
  3. Choose large icons.
  4. Then on the User Account Settings, left-click the option.
  5. Hit on the OK to complete the setting process.

Step 2: Update the Main Menu of QuickBooks

get update- error 15270

QuickBooks error 15270 is a common error but not easily resolvable. If the above step did not help you to get rid of it, then you can try it in a different way this time. Here are the steps:

  1. First of all, try to restart the QuickBooks software. If you are getting a pop-up message of ‘QuickBooks Update Service’ then tap on the option of Install Later.
  2. After that hit on the Help icon.
  3. From the drop-down list, search for the button of Update Now, and tap on it.
  4. However, before selecting the Get Updates option, click on the dialogue box of Reset Updates and then check the box.
  5. Hit the option OK to reset it.
  6. After the completion of the update, the option of getting Updates would be activated and now you can see the message of Update Complete on your computer screen.
  7. Restart the QuickBooks software.
  8. Then when the QuickBooks Update Service message pops up, hit on the button Install Now to install the software.
  9. After the successful installation, go to the Employees tab and tap on the Get Payroll Updates tab.
  10. To download the payroll update, click the button that says “Download entire payroll update” and then press the Update button.

In case, you are still getting the error 15270 QuickBooks, well do not lose patience. We have a few more ways to resolve the issue. Stick with us!

  1. Verify if you have an active subscription-

For Assisted Payroll:

  • Again go to the Employees option and hit the option of My Payroll Service.
  • Choose the button Account Info/Preferences OR Account/Billing Information.
  • Check if the Active status is available beside the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance.
  • Log in to the Intuit Account.
  1. Ensure you have all essential data like employer identification numbers (EIN’s) or the Service key.
  2. Run the Reboot.bat.
  3. Now go to the Program option and then select the Internet Options as Internet Explorer. To do that in the Default Web Browser select the Make Default button.
  4. Change internet connection.
  5. Try to turn off the User Account Controls.
  6. Repair the software, QuickBooks.
  7. Now to clean and install the QuickBooks you have to use the Selective Startup option.

For Basic, Standard, or Enhanced Payroll:

  • Go to the tab named Employees and then click on it.
  • The above step will take you to another list, search for the option My Payroll Service, and choose the option to continue the process.
  • Select Account Info/Preference OR Account/Billing Information.
  • Now check whether you have an active subscription or not. To verify that see the Active status on the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance.

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Step 3: Download the QuickBooks Too Hub and Install It

tool hub- error 15270

If none of the above solutions helped you to resolve the issue then this step certainly will. In this step, we would use the Tool Hub tool of QuickBooks, which commonly fixes QuickBooks errors. So we would highly recommend trying the steps given below very carefully.

  1. The very first step of the method is to close the software of QuickBooks on the device.
  2. After that try to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub file so that you can easily use the tool to fix your problem.
  3. As you have successfully downloaded the tool file, search for the file named “QuickBooksToolHub.exe” to install it.
  4. Follow the pop-up instruction to install the tool on your PC and then agree on the terms and conditions to install the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  5. After successfully completing the installation, double-click on the icon and open the tool on your Windows desktop.
  6. If you are not able to find the icon of the Tool Hub then try to search it on the menu bar.
  7. Choose the program to resolve the issue.

How can you Avoid QuickBooks Update Error 15270?

After solving the error you are now free to use the QuickBooks software without any resistance. But for further precautions, read the points below. We understand you do not want to waste your time on resolving some errors. Hence try to avoid or follow a few points to avoid the error 15270 QuickBooks. They are:

  • Carefully update the QuickBooks software. Download the correct file and then install it properly. And to complete the update process, tap on the update complete button.
  • You must also start the software and change the settings according to your business needs.
  • The error may also cause the corrupted or damaged file of QuickBooks. So you must verify first that you are downloading the genuine version of the software. Apart from the QuickBooks error 15270, the damaged file could also introduce unwanted trojans or malware to your PC.
  • To avoid payroll-related bugs or errors, you can also reboot the system first and then update the QuickBooks update service window. Then tap on the Install Later button.

Hopefully, the article was very useful to you. We have discussed all the possible topics related to the QuickBooks error code 15270 like the causes of the error, common symptoms faced by users, methods to solve the issue, and then points to avoid the error for further use. However, if none of the three solutions helps you to resolve the error 15270 QuickBooks, then we would recommend you directly contact the customer service team of QuickBooks. You can access the support number from the official website of Intuit QuickBooks. The support team is very useful and is available 24X7.

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