Troubleshooting Guide of QuickBooks Error Code 6210 0

Troubleshooting Guide of QuickBooks Error Code 6210 0

QuickBooks is popular software that helps users to track down their transactions and after updating the data. Along with many amazing features, the application also has errors that irritate the user while using it. One such error is QuickBooks error 6210. If you are someone who is facing an error then this is the right article for you.

QuickBooks error code 6210 is one of the most common errors that has gained large popularity all over the world. This generally occurs when the user is working on the multiple-user mode. So if you are working in multi-user mode then chances are you are using the application as multi-user. While experiencing the error you might receive a message of error that might also affect the tasks you are doing.

What is QuickBooks Error 6210 0?

QuickBooks Error 6210

QuickBooks error 6210 0 occurs when the user is using the QuickBooks software for multi-user mode. It appears while accessing the company host file on the workstation that is not set up. The user might also receive the error message. The error message might read as follows:

We’re Sorry.  Quickbooks encountered a problem when opening the company file.  Review this helpful article on the Quickbooks support site to resolve the issue.  Error codes: (-6210, 0)“


A computer that is not the server is hosting the company file

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6210

There are a handful of symptoms that you might experience while facing the QuickBooks error code -6210, 0.

  • QuickBooks code 6210 might crash the active program window.
  • You may also experience some time lag to any prompt input by the keyboard or mouse.
  • The system might freeze after a few seconds.
  • While running the same application the system may also crash.

What Triggered QuickBooks Error 6210?

If you are dealing with the error and want to resolve it, then it is recommended to understand the triggers of the QuickBooks error code 6120 0. Below are a few causes that might be the reason for the occurrence of the error.

  • The Windows Registry may be corrupted.
  • You may be using the damaged or corrupted version of QuickBooks.
  • The error can also occur if the computer is infected by some kind of virus or malware.
  • You might have deleted any important files related to QuickBooks.
  • Any third-party antivirus might be leading the error in the software.

Points to Remember Before Solving QuickBooks Error 6210

Before downloading the software it is important to remember a few points to avoid any complexity and to successfully resolve the error.

  • First of all, check if the hosting is turned on. To verify, press the F2 key on your keyboard. Then try to spot the local server information. After that remember to turn off the hosting.
  • To solve the error the user also needs to rename the .TLF and .ND files from the system.

How to Resolve the QuickBooks Error 6120 0?

error 6210 QuickBooks

Now since we know the causes, triggers, symptoms, and a few important points. It is time to solve the QuickBooks error code 6210 0.

Method 1: Solve the error Using File Doctor

Quickbooks File Doctor is a very essential tool of QuickBooks. You can use the tool to solve the damaged data in the company file. It is designed to repair the corrupted company file and also to resolve any kind of network issue. The corrupt network connection can lead to QuickBooks error 6123, keep an eye on these errors remember there are multiple errors that can happen because of these but you have to know the exact error.

Method 2: Rename the .ND and .TLG file for the Single Mode User

quickbooks error 6210

  1. Go to the file where you have saved the QuickBooks Installation Directory.
  2. Open the software.
  3. Then search for the corresponding Transaction Log file (.TLG) and Network data (.ND)
  4. Click on the .ND file and select it to Rename the file.
  5. Then try to do the same with the .TLG file and rename it also.
  6. After successfully following the above steps, create a new folder and then move the QuickBooks file to any newly created folder.
  7. Now again try to use QuickBooks and open the company file. Check if you are still getting QuickBooks error -6210, 0.

Method 3: Run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

If you are dealing with QuickBooks error 6210 then restart the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. The tool helps the user to solve the issue.

  1. The first step is to choose the option network issues in the tool hub.
  2. Then select the QuickBooks database server manager.
  3. Then install the QuickBooks if you do not have a pre-installed application.
  4. Now choose the Start scan option to find out the damaged company file.
  5. Then try to browse the company file’s location and hit the start scan option.
  6. The user then needs to open the QuickBooks software.
  7. Sign in to the company file again.
  8. If the network data files allow access to the company files from different workstations, follow the steps.
  9. Rename .TLG and .ND files.
  10. Press the Windows button and R simultaneously.
  11. Then type service.msc in the Run box.
  12. Tap on the Enter button and then search for the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Service.
  13. Restart the service after that.
  14. Now check if you are still getting the error or not.

Method 4: Disable the Anti-Malware Software

Sometimes, the third-party antivirus does not allow QuickBooks to use the network due to some security purpose. It might trigger the QuickBooks error -6210. The error may come across as a threat to the company file and the user could not access the company files either.

Hence it is important to change the settings of the anti-virus software and turn off the application. Since there is plenty of anti-virus software in the market it is difficult for us to discuss the steps to turn off each of them. Therefore, we recommend going to the official website of your respective anti-malware and search for the setting guide.

After changing the settings, you can now try to use QuickBooks again to check if the software still has some errors or not.

Method 5: Run QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

clean install tool

The corrupted or damaged version of QuickBooks can lead to the occurrence of the QuickBooks error 6210 0. Hence it is required to fix the error using QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.

  1. First of all, it is important to take backup of the financial data, so that you do not have to suffer any consequence of data damage.
  2. Download the tool of QuickBooks clean install tool.
  3. Double click on the downloaded file.
  4. To continue the process hit the OK button on the Agreed with the License Agreement.
  5. After that, you can use the Clean install tool to reinstall the software QuickBooks and then solve the error.

Method 6: Shut Down the QuickBooks Processes

If none of the above methods helped you to resolve the QuickBooks error 6210, then do not lose patience. This method will fix the issue. In this method, we will try to close the QuickBooks processes.

  1. First of all, click on the software QuickBooks to make sure that you log in as the Administrator.
  2. Press the keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc together. It will open the tab of the Task Manager.
  3. Now click on the Users tab to view the Show Processes.
  4. The user needs to highlight the files like QBW32.exe, QBDBMgr.exe, or qbupdate.exe (QuickBooks Processes). While doing this you must keep in mind that the bad updation of QuickBooks can lead to issues and errors such as QuickBooks error 15222.
  5. Complete the process by clicking on the option End Task.
  6. Try to open the company file in multi-user mode.

Method 7: Open the Company File Locally

  1. First of all, try to open the folder that has the company file.
  2. Find the company file extension of .QBW file.
  3. Now try to navigate the desktop. Click right on the desktop and select the option of paste.
  4. Now to open the software QuickBooks hit the Press key. Open the No company open window.
  5. You need to restore or open the existing company and go to the desktop.
  6. Spot the company file, copy it and then open it.

Final Words!

Try to perform any of the above methods to resolve the QuickBooks error 6210 0. If none of the above solutions helped you to fix the issue then we would recommend you to go to the official website of Intuit QuickBooks and get the helpline number. The Support team is available 24X7 to help the users.

Hopefully, this article was informative and helpful for you. If you liked it then share it with your friends and teammates. You can also read other troubleshooting articles on our website.

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