QuickBooks POS Cost and Pricing – POS Complete Details

QuickBooks POS Cost and Pricing – POS Complete Details

In the rising competition of the retailing industry, it is quite difficult in keeping a daily track of customers’ satisfaction, inventories, and managing different stores altogether. Now, QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) comes in the pictures to make these things easier and efficient but its major issue that arises is the QuickBooks POS cost.

To start with, it is software developed by Intuit that is used in the management activities of retail businesses. This software has a user-friendly interface and easy setup process that helps in the management of sales, purchases, and inventory. QBs Point Of Sale is replacing cash registers, manual entry, and the complex management of multiple stores. It assists the retail users with a lot of activities involving consumers’ purchase history, refunds and discounts, barcode scanning, consumer’s details i.e. phone number, address, etc., and tracking of inventories.

In Spite of having such brilliant features that it provides to its customers, the potential of the software application is not fulfilling the expectation in the market. It is lagging behind its competitors because of the expensive subscription. Together with the astonishing in-built integration, QuickBooks POS cost is one of the reasons for being far away in its race with its competitors.  You can also lag behind your competition if you are constantly facing different errors with regards to the QuickBooks Software. These errors may include QuickBooks error 1334, keep an eye on any such errors because they might cause some serious troubles as well.

In recent times, this software has gone through some improvements and developments such as decreasing its subscription price range, ability to pair with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet, etc. but still, the users have a difficult time adapting to the rapid-growing competition.

QuickBooks POS exists in three different versions- Basic POS, Pro POS, and Multi-Store POS. In this post, we will talk about all these versions in detail and the QuickBooks POS cost. But first, let us explore a few of the important features of POS QuickBooks.

QuickBooks POS Features

Features of QuickBooks POS

QBs POS gives a helping hand to all the users for bettering the experience of the consumers and retailers. We have provided a list below with all its amazing features. 

Features of QuickBooks POS

  • Sales Optimization

With the use of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS), the users can initiate all transactions via the barcode scanner, the product number, and the item keyword. In the upgraded versions of Multi-Store and Pro, the users can form price tags and customized bills and receipts.

  • Inventory Management

QuickBooks POS gives real-time management of inventories and saves its users from doing regular and time-to-time updates, which is known as quickbooks pos inventory scanner. This feature of Inventory Management involves the consumers’ orders and backorders, tag customization, and inventory forecasting.

The Multi-Store version of the QBs POS software upgrades the master inventory at all the available stores to ease the search of customers for their products and items. Do checkout the product number before using it anywhere, it might be a bad product number that might cause QuickBooks POS Invalid Product Number Error. You must try to get rid of this error as soon as it appears so that the software don’t cause any kind of trouble.

  • Consumer’s Information

QuickBooks POS gives retailers easy access to the consumer’s data and information. The users can also attach other useful additional data such as name, e-mail, address, phone number, etc. The easily accessible data assists the users in reaching their potential consumers during any campaign of the coming sales offers and other marketing events.

  • Management of Employees

The Multi-Store and Pro version of the software application also has an extra feature for keeping tabs on the employees’ commissions, performance, and work hours, etc. It also enables organizing the payroll data and upgrading the overall information and data to the QuickBooks accounting software.

  • Discounts and Gift Cards

The POS QuickBooks software also provides you with offers, discounts, and gift cards to promising customers on special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. This way it gains the customer’s loyalty and trust and creates a strong bond and relationship.

The consumers’ history on the software also assists in knowing your customer better, which is quite essential in terms of future marketing events and campaigns. Also, customer’s interests are kept in record via the QuickBooks POS software. 

  • Hardware Compatibility

cash drawers, receipt printers, Microsoft Surface Pro, barcode scanner, tag printer

Compatibility with hardware is one of the best features of QuickBooks POS as QB POS is quite compatible with a range of hardware devices which includes cash drawers, receipt printers, Microsoft Surface Pro, barcode scanner, tag printer, etc. Always check out QuickBooks POS hardware requirements beforehand so that it must not create any issues for you in later days while using QuickBooks.

  • Customer Support Assistance

The Customer Support Assistance is available in QuickBooks POS support. You can easily contact and coordinate with the support and tech team in just a few clicks. Emails, chats, and calling are some of the modes of contact to resolve your troubles and technical issues.

How much does QuickBooks POS Cost?

Pricing is one of the main reasons why this software is away from its consumers. You can get access to the QuickBooks POS cost-free version for a period of 30 days without filling in any credit card information. But how much does QuickBooks POS cost after the trial period? In case you are in search of good software for retail management, then you must spend some money. Below, we have given the QuickBooks POS additional license costs along with the features of each of its three different versions.

Basic POS

Basic POS

  • POS Basic allows its users to keep the records and data of the sales, profits, etc.
  • This basic version also assists its users in accepting contactless hassle-free payments.
  • This version of the QuickBooks POS also tracks and manages the stores’ inventories.
  • It even manages valuable information with regard to its customers.
  • More than one device can be used to access this basic version.
  • You can also connect this software with QBs Desktop financial software application.
  • Any QBs User can get a subscription to the POS Basic at $1,200.



  • POS Pro assists its users in managing the data and records of sales and profits.
  • It organizes, tracks, and manages the inventory of the stores.
  • This version provides a strong security setup for its consumers. 
  • More than one device can be used to access this POS Pro version.
  • It also helps the users in generating purchase orders and backorders.
  • It can also be easily integrated with the QuickBooks Desktop financial tool.
  • With the use of POS Pro, its long-time users can generate discount vouchers and gift cards for their loyal customers.
  • It also generates loyalty programs and rewards.
  • POS Pro helps in the management of the payroll details and employees’ data.
  • It has an additional feature of Advanced reporting.
  • Any QBs User can get a subscription to the POS Pro version at $1,700.

POS Multi-Store

POS Multi-Store

  • This POS Multi-version helps in the management of the sales records.
  • It also provides contactless payments and cash transactions.
  • This version systemizes keeps tabs and manages the inventory store data.
  • It has the additional feature of eCommerce integration.
  • The software version helps in feeding and storing the consumers’ details i.e. name, address, contact numbers, etc.
  • It can be easily connected with the QuickBooks financial software.
  • POS Multi-Store version also gives rewards and loyalty programs.
  • It also assists in the management of payroll services. 
  • This version has the capability to manage different available stores.
  • The transfer of inventory in between stores can be done via POS Multi-Store.
  • Any QBs User can get a subscription to the POS Multi-Store at $1,900.

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Final Words

QuickBooks POS exists in three different versions- Basic POS, Pro POS, and Multi-Store POS. In this post, we have talked about all three versions in detail and the QuickBooks POS cost. This application is a bit costly but it enhances the user’s experience and eases the work of retail management. Its interface is quite user-friendly on iPad. The QuickBooks iPad POS Cost varies from $999 to $1,999. All the important information related to the QuickBooks POS cost has been provided above and in case you are facing any issue, you can contact the support staff of QuickBooks that will assist you at the earliest.

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