Inventory Scanner for Quickbooks POS: A Complete Manual

Inventory Scanner for Quickbooks POS: A Complete Manual

Be it small scale or large scale firms, inventory management is quite essential for their business operations. QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner is one such tool that helps in tracking inventories easily and effortlessly.

Intuit’s Inventory Scanner for Quickbooks POS is full of features that manage and update the stock of inventories. It allows you in reviewing and fixing the errors even before actually sending the counts to the physical inventory system. This type of software protects you from the usual Manual Inventory Counts that are not purely error-free.

Today, we will focus on all the aspects related to QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner including its features, pricing, requirements needed, etc. reaching the end of the article, you will be well-equipped with all the associated concepts, so be with us and we are all set to go. 

QuickBooks POS Scanner for Inventory: Requirements

For a profitable business, your main focus should be on Inventory management. In large-scale business, there exists a separate department for daily management and keeping tabs on the inventory stock. But, going with the updated manual record is quite tiring. Hence the QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner plays a crucial role and eases the management work operations. We have provided the list of requirements below. Read below…

Manages the Order and Increase the Efficiency

Manages the Order and Increase the Efficiency

The Quickbooks POS Inventory Scanner software manages and keeps the inventory in proper order. It gives the tracking location and quantity of the inventory products thereby further assisting the consumers. Its advanced features give a rise to efficiency and reduce the time involved in work operations. In case you have any kind of issues related to POS please contact POS support.

Set Accurate Delivery Dates

QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner is quite useful in scheduling the date, time, and status of the order. It helps in planning a realistic and precise delivery time and dates as per the availability of stocks, location availability for delivery, and other inventory-related data.

Increase the Productivity

The built-in software also manages to cut down the order fulfillment times, gives real-time visibility, etc., and moreover increasing productivity.

Inventory Scanner of QuickBooks POS: Features

QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner is all equipped with innovative tools and modern features. It assists in the management and tracking of inventory stocks easily. Its features have been discussed below. 

quickbooks pos inventory scanner features

  • Interface

quickbooks pos inventory scanner Interface

QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner offers an interface that is not only user-friendly but also very handy in terms of its usage. Keeping in mind its wide range of features, it has an amazing interface. 

  •  Wireless

QuickBooks POS wireless Inventory scanner

QuickBooks POS wireless Inventory scanner is a portable device whose compact nature along with the modern features has helped it to reach the masses more and more.

  • Warehouse Management

The QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner grants the users allowance for tracking the stock’s active location in three levels such as in rows, racks, boxes and sections, areas, pallets, etc. It also rectifies imprecise record information and data, upgrades the real-time information, and reduces errors and issues.

The scanner sends the inventory data from one location to another location to reduce the delay and thereby increase efficiency.

  • Inventory Forecasting

The inventory scanner helps in tracking the stocks, location, and counts of the products stored in Inventory and manages the purchase orders, sales records, backorders, and reorder at times of shortage.

The built-in software of the scanner is well-equipped to calculate the number of products that are required to be kept in stock and place the required order with just a click.

It further assists in ordering the correct quantity of the stocks and thus avoiding any kind of wastage or extra shipping fees. By keeping tabs on the right track, it can also cope up with the out-of-stock situation.

  • Tracking Serial Number

The QuickBooks POS scanner works in the process of sustainable management by putting serial numbers to the items and products. It also detects any kinds of defects in the items and products for quality assurance purposes. The serial number tag is used in tracking the order of products, stock-out information, and various other important details.

  • Tracking Lot Number

The lot number tracking feature helps the scanner in tracking down the products of the same unit. In case it identifies some defects then it can easily access that product lot instead of checking all the products and this saves a tremendous amount of time. Also, every user can keep a closer eye on his items.

  • Real-Time Update Inventory 

The feature of the Cycle Count allows the users to manage the inventory without shutting down the warehouse. The QuickBooks POS inventory scanner scans the details of the items from multiple warehouses and upgrades the real-time data. The built-in software of the scanner gathers the product counts from other warehouses and updates the data to a central inventory dashboard. It also assists in adjusting the product’s import and export counts.

  • Vendor’s Information Updates

quickbooks pos inventory scanner

The built-in software allows the users to update the vendor’s information with its feature called Alternate Vendors Center. It gathers, assembles, and segregates the information of the vendor in a central place including name, number, deal price, email id, preferred location, etc. Using the scanner, it is quite easy and effortless to gather all the information and data of the vendor.

The QuickBooks POS inventory scanner tracks down other activities associated with delivery such as shortage, delivery time, etc.

  • Customize Inventory Reports

The users can modify the inventory reports to improve the insights and the business flexibility. It also gives the stock of the inventories in terms of item and the valuation summary and further assembles the shortage and out-of-stock product units.

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Using QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner

The Physical Inventory Scanner QuickBooks POS helps the users in scanning the inventory without uploading the real-time data. The scanner has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. In case you are in need of a quality scanner then, you are required to follow the steps given below.

  1. Firstly, you are required to enter the product counts and scan all the products.
  2. After scanning is completed, you need to upload the data scanned to the QuickBooks POS software.
  3. Recheck and verify, and you now need to review the scanned data if you need to do some modifications.
  4. Now, you can save all this data in the Physical Inventory window.
  5. After this, Update the quantities with the product counts.
  6. As it has been successfully updated, you can now remove the scanned data from the physical inventory scanner unit.

Also, you can use the Inventory POS scanner with manual entries. The user can update the inventory in a few simple steps that have been provided below for you.

  1. Firstly, you need to turn on the scanner.
  2. Now, click on the button Esc again and again until you get to the main menu.
  3. Tap on the Select Data option.
  4. Choose option Scan and feed the Quantity.
  5. After this, you are required to scan the barcode of a single quantity of the item that you are counting. The beep sound from the scanner indicates that the scan has been successful.
  6. Using the Keyboard, Enter the number of the product units. 
  7. Tap on the button Enter.
  8. Repeat the same process for successfully scanning all the required items and products.

Physical Inventory Scanner of QuickBooks POS: Set-up and Installation

Using QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner

The set-up and installation of QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner is a bit complex process and we have provided the easiest of ways to help you counter with its setup. Read below and follow the stepwise solutions.

  1. The power wire of the inventory scanner is with two end plug points. One is for the power source, whereas the other one is connected to the cradle of the hardware.
  2. Now, you need to attach the USB data cable with the cradle of the Physical Inventory Scanner.
  3. The inventory scanner also comes with a Li-ion charged battery,  and you must put it inside the scanner.
  4. After the setup of the battery, you just have to turn on the scanner and connect it with the cradle

After a successful scanner set-up, go through the points listed below and start installing the software:

  1. Firstly, Insert the POS CD into the PC drive for CD-ROM.
  2. In case it prompts and launches the wizard, then you need to tap on the option Cancel.
  3. To access the set-up, you are now required to go to the “Setup Wizard” option displayed in the menu. 
  4. Do as per the instructions coming on the screen and after a complete installation set-up, you will have the Physical Inventory Scanner connected with the device.


Quickbooks POS Inventory Scanner has a wide range of features that helps in managing and updating the stocks of inventories. It assists you in reviewing and resolving the errors even before actually sending the counts to the physical inventory system. This software prevents you from using the usual Manual Inventory Counts that are not purely error-free. With this article, we have tried our best to provide you with every essential aspect of Quickbooks POS Inventory Scanner such as its features, how to use inventory scanner, its set-up, and installation, etc. 

We hope that the content of our posts has been up to the mark and came to your assistance to resolve any kinds of issues faced by you. Still in case you are not able to solve some issues, then you are recommended to take advice from a professional in this field, else you can also check out our other related articles to the QuickBooks software for any further help. 

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