Everything About QuickBooks POS Support: A Detailed Guide

Everything About QuickBooks POS Support: A Detailed Guide

Customer assistance is quite an important part of a business. There are many firms and businesses that are behind in this competition and are unable to cope up due to the disappointment of customers by the customer services and support team. Intuit QuickBooks POS support gives its consumers an astonishing service and assists the users in solving the troubles faced by them. Holding your customer base is quite important for the overall progress of the business. QuickBooks and its team are well aware of the latest trends of creating and increasing the consumers by forming a strong customer support assistance team. The QuickBooks POS inventory scanner is also a tool that helps you in making inventory possible by making proper scanning.

Customer Service Importance

In this rising world of competition, a direct link with your customers is quite essential and useful.

QuickBooks POS Support


As the era of digitalization is on the rise, the presence of a good social media handle is very crucial. As per research, around 30% of the complaints received and responses are done via Twitter.

This research data shows that the consumers are quite choosy and it is very difficult to retain your customers and for this, you want to create a better understanding and communication with them.

Easily Accessible Service

Mobile Customer assistance and services bring a company together and create a better bond with the customers. Therefore, it is very essential to provide easy, convenient, and better services. To make yourself accessible in this rising competition, businesses and firms must give simple, easier, and convenient day-to-day services.

As smartphones are playing a key role in assisting the company to be closer to their consumers, you must think about connecting your business on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is even better to create mobile-friendly software and form better connectivity with your customers via the mobile-accessible software versions.

Building Community Base

Businesses and firms can even create an online community where consumers are easily able to interact and connect with one another and resolve their problems.

Such online community platforms are so engaging that they build a community base and even the customer service and assistance resources of the company can be cut down to a bare minimum. There are many platforms like getting Satisfaction, Quora, etc. are very helpful in enhancing the relationship and bond of the customers with the companies. 

Video Assistance

Video Assistance

The tutorials and videos also provide an amazing alternative for helping the customers with their queries. Even these video tutorials are visually attractive and better than the reading handbooks and manuals. Also, visual representations are far easier than reading to grab the information. 

It also ensures that the consumers are directly interacted with by the company. A detailed video tutorial is better adapted by everyone as it conveys the message easily without any issues.

Offering Live Chat

 Live Chat

Live chats are a great tool for building loyalty, trust, and connection within your consumers. Not every company provides a 24×7 chat interface system but even if your chat providers are active during working hours, it can help you substantially with the resolving of customer’s queries and other problems. There are some system requirements that you need to fulfill, these are called QuickBooks pos system requirements, and these need to be fulfilled to the best.

In case your company is more adapted to the calling and mailing services, then it is not mandatory to go with the live chat services.

Social Media Responses

In the present world of social media, almost everything is available there and a large part of the population checks out everything firstly on the social media platforms than accessing the official websites, emails, and contact numbers.

In case the customers are in trouble or experiencing some issues then they go straight out to the company’s social media page and leave a comment. And in case they are quite content with your services then they give reviews and praiseworthy views via comments. This way when you respond to each other, your consumers feel worthy and creates a better bond between everyone.

Intuit QuickBooks POS Support

QuickBooks POS Support

QuickBooks has a support and assistance page the dashboard of which has been separated into a few segments such as Product Support, Sales, Product Updates, Training, Getting Started Guide, QuickBooks Community, and Feedback. We will talk about each of the segments separately. 

Product Support

QuickBooks POS Support page has the first tab named Product Support. When you tap on this tab, you will be taken to another page. The Product Support will now want the user to choose the options as per the device on which you are accessing: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online Payroll,  and QuickBooks Desktop. Select the option at your convenience and all these services are free of cost. Do know that while you have the Quickbooks POS product number, it must not be invalid, there is an error that occurs if you put in an invalid product ID number. It is called quickbooks pos invalid product number.


The second tab on the QuickBooks POS Support Page is Sales. On using the button “Contact sales”, a different dialog box will come up with customer support information and QuickBooks POS technical support numbers.

The timings for different customer support services have been given below. 

General Support

6 AM-6 PM, Arizona Time

QuickBooks Enterprise

6 AM-6 PM, Arizona Time

Payroll Products

6 AM-5 PM, Arizona Time

Product Updates

In this QuickBooks POS support section, we can see a systematic flow diagram and charts related to the products. Information associated with all the updates that the company has launched over the years is also provided under this section. 


Under the Training tab of the QuickBooks POS Support, the company educates its users with video tutorials, webinars, live campaigns, and events, etc., and every consumer can easily grasp the skills and get along well with better access to the QuickBooks accounting products.

Getting Started Guide

Once you go through the option “Get started” in the QuickBooks POS Support, you will be taken to a different page mentioning a list of four points given below:

  1. Sign up for the QuickBooks Online Accountant.
  2. Add your first client.
  3. Connect to QuickBooks Online.
  4. Fine-tune your workflow.

QuickBooks Community

Intuit QuickBooks community is a place where all the customers can come together in groups with the business owners and professionals to convey views, ideas, queries, answers, etc.


This section of feedback on the QuickBooks Support POS page wants the customers to share their positive or negative views and other feedback on their services and products.

Contact QuickBooks POS Support

You just have to go through some simple steps to get the QuickBooks POS customer number support and other services:

Contact QuickBooks POS Support

  1. Firstly, Access the QuickBooks software by clicking on the Desktop icon. 
  2. From the menu bar, reach out for the option Help.
  3. From the list, tap on the option Contact Us.
  4. You will see a text saying “What can we help you with?”. Write your problems and queries within it.
  5. Hit on the button “Let’s talk”.
  6. Lastly, you are required to select between two options “Get a callback” or “Get the number” and in a few minutes, you will be in contact with the support and customer service team.

QuickBooks POS Technical Support Phone Number: When to Connect?

QuickBooks POS Support Number

As we have read earlier that the QuickBooks software and errors/glitches are inevitable, so the user faces many types of errors, bugs, and technical issues while installing, updating, or operating QuickBooks. Also, there are many users that have a lesser technical background, so they are advised to take technical support by connecting via QuickBooks POS Tech Support Phone Number. The assistance and support team can help you in fixing many kinds of errors and issues namely:

  • Quickbooks POS Licensing Error
  • Quickbooks Point of Sale Store Exchange Error
  • Invalid Item Number Error
  • Quickbooks Point of Sale Application Log Error
  • Quickbooks Point of Sale Error Message
  • QuickBooks Sync Manager Error
  • Quickbooks POS Programmatic Error
  • QuickBooks 15270 Error Code
  • Violation Error Message

Ipad POS Support

POS Ipad Support

Ipad users can always connect with the customer service and support team in case they encounter any error or bug while operating QuickBooks. We have listed a few general questions asked by Ipad POS users:   

  • How can the QuickBooks software be set up on the Ipad?
  • How can you customize QBs on the Apple iPad?
  • What are the ways to connect QBs POS to the QuickBooks software on the Ipad?
  • How can QuickBooks be accessed on the Ipad?
  • What steps are needed to create a backup of a QuickBooks POS file on the Ipad?
  • How can POS invoices be created on the Ipad?

The customer service and support teams of QBs POS support are well-trained and they put a great deal of effort into resolving the queries of their customers. You can contact them anytime via their customer care, emails, or the chat process through the use of QBs Chat Support.


QuickBooks POS customer support gives its consumers a brilliant service and assists the users in solving the issues faced by them. In this article, we have guided you to each and every significant section of the QuickBooks POS Support System, so you can connect and get in touch with the assistance team anytime you face any kind of technical issues. Their services are accessible to you 24×7 via phone calls, emails, and a live chat system. 

We are hopeful we have been successful in helping you through your troubles and if you are satisfied, then you can go through other QuickBooks-related articles on our website for any further assistance. 

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