Intuit QuickBooks POS Vs Square: Which is Better?

Intuit QuickBooks POS Vs Square: Which is Better?

QuickBooks is the most popular modern accounting software that is accessed by millions of users all across the world. It assists the users in managing their financial accounts, tax filings, organizing inventories, and other bookkeeping activities. In any business, be it small scale or larger scale, the processing tools for payment are essential as transactions between the companies form a viable communication between them. Everyone needs a safe, secure, and uninterrupted payment process coupled with multiple payment mode methods. So, when it comes to QuickBooks, there are also payment processing tools that we will discuss later.

Two reliable QuickBooks payment tools have been named – POS QuickBooks and Square. You must be wondering now which one to choose and why. No need to panic, we are here for your rescue. This article will take care of your payments security tools with information from its definition, similarities to its major differences and you will be able to grab everything about QuickBooks POS vs Square. So, let’s start with the article and make sure you read it till the end. 

QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 is an extended version of QuickBooks software that assists retailers, companies, business firms, and small and medium-scale firms. It plays a major role in the organization of inventories,  tracking of customers, tax receipts, creating financial bills, and management of sales, etc. It further helps in the profitability of a business and improves customer relations in the companies. POS comes in three editions – POS Basic, POS pro, and POS Multi-Store.

Now we will jump onto the key features of POS QuickBooks online.

Features Of Quickbooks POS Online

These are some features of QuickBooks POS Online that will be helpful for all the users of this software and this will give you a point for why you should use this software.

Inventory Management

The Inventory management feature is one of the important features that allow the users to keep tabs on tag customization, storage units, and inventory forecasting, and management tasks, etc.

Management of Employees

Using the Pro version and Multi-store POS version, the company managers can do tracking of the employees’ performance, work hours, and productivity. This application software stores records safely and even updates valuable data to the QBs application.

Compatibility of Hardware 

QuickBooks Point of Sale has a wide range when it comes to hardware compatibility. It is compatible with cash drawers, tag printers, receipt printers, wireless barcode scanners, Microsoft Surface Pro, pole displays, etc.

Gifts Cards and Discounts 

Keeping track of the purchasing history of the consumers is important so, QB POS assists the users in understanding the customers more clearly. Depending on the purchasing history, it generates and provides gift cards and discount vouchers for its customers on special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other important events. Using this QB POS reads the purchasing history of the customers and generates Discounts and Gift cards on the occasion of their birthdays and other events. This builds a healthy relation between the reliable retailer and the consumers.

Pricing Details

QB POS is an expensive tool for users when compared to other POS tools. Its cheapest version i.e. the POS Basic edition comes with a subscription of $1,200 whereas the other two POS versions – POS Pro and POS Multi-Store come for $1,700 and $1,900 respectively. QuickBooks POS cost is good for a company that wants premium work to be done.

Square Point Of Sales Online

Square Point of Sale is a free POS app that allows the users to sell and consumers to buy. It provides a straightforward and intuitive experience in this POS space. Square QuickBooks Online makes it better than the other products in its class.

Square POS 

It is the Go to payment application for wholesalers and retail stores. Besides contactless payments and transaction approval, it also works in the management of customers’ purchasing history and other valuable consumer data. This user-friendly application is easy to get an easy-to-use tool. Let us now discuss its features in brief.

Management of Inventories

You can easily manage and track inventories via this software. In case of a shortage of inventories, it sends emails and messages to the receipt in order to not hinder customer relations. Even, choosing tax discounts, and keeping tabs on products and sale receipts can be done through this software.

Management of Employees

Square POS is an asset when it comes to tasks like management of employees’ details, tracking their progress, and daily work reports.

Retail Management

When it comes to comparing Intuit vs Square, we need to know that Square POS has a better range of features than QuickBooks POS. QuickBooks POS needs a certain kind of system required to work in your system, do have a knowledge of QuickBooks POS system requirements so that you must not face any issues related to it. The use of bar code scanning labels helps in the tracking of inventories and other products. It automatically creates customers’ profiles that assist you in getting all your consumers’ data in one place.


In the case of Intuit vs Square Pricing, there is a major difference as Square POS  is free-of-cost software for everyone around the world. Not a single penny can be charged for setup and configuration. Only the software’s processing rates need to be paid which are only 2.6% + 10 ¢ per tap.

Online Payment Processing

POS Square allows credit card payment transactions. With the assistance of the purchasing details, keeping tabs, tracking and management become quite easy.

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Comparison: QuickBooks POS vs Square

QuickBooks POS vs Square

Both these applications are a competitor for each other so, it becomes very difficult to choose between them. Being two of the strongest payment software, we have tried our best to help you select the better one. Do read further as we have compared QuickBooks POS vs Square on different aspects.

Comparision off POS and Square

Intuit QuickBooks POS vs Square: Number of Users

The number of users that can access Square POS is more than QuickBooks. In QuickBooks, up to 99 user accounts can be used whereas, in Square, more than 1000 users can access and work on a single account. 


The interface design of both the software is quite user-friendly and easily understandable by any kind of user. But still, if the online reviews are taken into account, Square POS has a cutting edge on QuickBooks as it is called more user-friendly application software.

Customer Support

Customer Support of Square POS is considered to have a better support system for customers than QBs POS. Based on online reviews, QuickBooks has been called a failure when it comes to providing customer satisfaction.


QuickBooks POS vs Square POS pricing details are quite different, QB POS lets down its users as it is quite an expensive subscription. Although super-advanced features are present, its pricing makes this software less used than Square POS which is free of cost software.

Customer Management

In terms of customer management, QBs POS is far ahead as Square does not provide any features associated with customer management that assists in achieving campaigning and sales targets.


QuickBooks POS vs Square POS differs a lot in this case. QB POS can only be integrated with QBs Desktop. So, if you are not using this software then reconsider your decision of working with QuickBooks.

Square POS can be easily integrated with a wide range of applications related to appointment scheduling, inventory tracking, tax filing, and financial accounting, etc.

Electronic Signature

Signing online digitally is a feature that is only available with Square and QB lacks this electronic signature feature even though it has an expensive paid subscription with a high level of features.

Compatibility of Hardware

Mobiles and phones can be easily connected with the Square software. At only $10 cost, the user can buy hardware from Square, while PB POS hardware is expensive and limited. You will have to buy a barcode scanner, pole display, receipt printer, wireless barcode scanner, pin pad, and Microsoft Surface Pro, etc.

Square QuickBooks Online

From Square to QBO, you can view historical data and import sales and expenses. With the assistance of the Square app Sync, you can connect a Square account and ABO. To do this, the user will have to reach out to his QBO account and then tap on My APPS. Now, you will be enabled to manage the settings of this software. 

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QuickBooks POS vs Square has been a tough competitor in the market for each other as QuickBooks POS is an extended version of QuickBooks software that helps retailers, wholesalers, business firms, and small and medium scale companies. But Square Point of Sale is a free POS app that allows the users to sell and consumers to buy. It provides a straightforward and intuitive experience in this POS space.

In this article, we have tried our best to cover aspects of QuickBooks and Square, QuickBooks POS vs Square, Square QuickBooks Online, Intuit vs Square, etc. that will guide you to make a correct decision on which one is better for the business. We are hopeful we could be of use to you through our article and for any such help, you can also read our other articles from our website.

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