Intuit QuickBooks Tool Hub: A Comprehensive Guide

Intuit QuickBooks Tool Hub: A Comprehensive Guide

Every single business firm, whether new or developed industry, needs accounts, administration management, and the organization eventually with time. QuickBooks, by Intuit, is financial software that fastens and manages the operations of companies and start-ups to organize company data, manage their finances, create tax reports, and coordinate other inventories. With its user-friendly features and high-quality configuration setup, it has been a gift for all the operations around the world. 

But with all the glittering glory, there comes a saturation point to everything so is the case with QuickBooks. The user, in a way or the other, encounters errors, glitches, technical bugs, and other operations issues in your system. The untimely work and delay in the projects became an issue with these bugs and errors existing in the software from time to time. 

The QBs technical team identified these issues at the earliest and provided quick and instant solutions to these kinds of user troubles. This instant solution has been called QuickBooks Tool Hub. After the QuickBooks Tool Download, clients got maintenance and error resolving support in no time. They simply need to install the QuickBooks Tool Application on their PC for once and it gives instant solutions anytime needed.  

Through Tool Hub, you will get access to each and every component that is needed for rectifying issues and also detecting errors. It can fix and correct every bug and various QBs glitches that interrupt your operations. In this article, you will gain information regarding each and every detail associated with QuickBooks Hub Tools and repair hub tool download, installation, reinstallation, and uninstallation processes, or the basic working of the tool.   

What is QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub?

QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub is a one-stop platform that corrects all kinds of issues and technical errors efficiently. It helps you with resolving some of the errors and troubles mentioned below.

  • Error H204
  • Error code 15106
  • Error H202
  • QBs Error 1723
  • Error ps033
  • Company File Access Problems
  • Pdf file errors
  • Printing Problems
  • Installation setup failure 
  • Consequent System Crashing  

There are some other concerns that can come up while operating QuickBooks but can be easily rectified via tool hub download. Read the list below.  

  • Login Details and Access problems
  • Network Congestion and Connectivity issues 
  • Performance-related Errors  
  • Installation troubles  

System Requirements for Installing QuickBooks Desktop 

Not a lot of requirements are needed to install and operate this tool. The user must assure that the operating system is of the updated version and it operates on Windows operating system. You just need two variants of software named as, 

System Specifications

  1. Microsoft .Net Framework
  2. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package      

How to Download and Install QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub

You can download Quickbooks Hub Tools from the main website of Intuit QuickBooks. A successful download process, a QuickBooksToolHub.exe file will be downloaded. Click on the file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process of installation. The steps have been given below to help you install the Tool Hub. 

QuickBooks Tools Hub Install

  • Firstly after a successful download, you need to select QuickBooksToolHub.exe and start installing it.
  • Tap on Next.


  • A License Agreement will pop up and you have to select Yes to agree to all the terms and conditions.  

Terms and Conditions

  • Choose a destination folder by using the Browse option to put QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub in your System storage. 

Directory Location

  • Now, the installation process will be started by clicking on Install.

Installation Start Window

  • In a few minutes, you need to click on Finish and launch the tool on your PC. 

Installation Finish Window

QuickBooks Tool Hub and its Components

After a successful installation of the tool, you will open it and see different tabs on the left side pane of the tool. These are the various components that are used under the Hub Tool of QuickBooks and all these major components have been discussed in detail below. The components are named as: 

Tool Hub Components


The home tab of the dashboard gives up the welcome screen of the tool that displays some valuable information associated with the QBs Hub Tools and how efficiently it can be used without any hassle. It provides the title of all the components, their properties, and their use for general errors, basic problems, and complex bugs.

Company File Issues

While accessing company files in Qbs you face any kind of trouble, reach out for the second tab on the dashboard menu ‘Compay File Issue’. It is beside the ‘File Doctor Software’ option that is used to perform a scan on the temporary, corrupted, broken junk files quickly as the errors are identified. After this, Open QFD (QuickBooks File Doctor) and enter the login credentials. On logging in, your corrupted files will be automatically detected and fixed instantly.     

Network Issues

Network Issues is the third tab in the tool dashboard after the Company File Issue tab. It assists in resolving the connectivity and network errors effectively. Within the Networks Issues tab, look out for the ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’ option, choose this option and it will initiate its process of detecting and rectifying all the network issues.  

Program Problems

There are three different methods that can be used in fixing program problems in QBs via the use of Hub Tools. In case of facing program issues, you can troubleshoot all of them. These methods have been given below in a nutshell. 

  • ‘Quick Fix My Program’ Tool
  • ‘QuickBooks Program Diagnostic’ Tool 
  • ‘QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool 

Installation Issues 

Issues with installation, re-installation, and uninstallation in QuickBooks, you need to navigate to find the tab ‘Installation Issue’. Under this tab, Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool is present. Another tool ‘Quickbooks Clean install’ can be seen. This install clean diagnostic tool prepares a clean installation process of QBs and further, the corrupted and junk files are deleted from the system.   

Password Reset

The sixth tab of the repair tool is the ‘Password Reset’ tab. Not able to type in the correct password, then you do not have to worry just look out for this tab in the dashboard and you are all set to create your new innovative password for a successful login.


As you are still in trouble with all the errors and inability to fix issues with all the solutions, do not think much but reach out to the support team of QuickBooks software and you can find this support setup in the ‘Support’ tab at the bottom of the left dashboard pane. The support team of Intuit QuickBooks will help the user to resolve any type of errors, issues, bugs and technical problems.     

Advanced Tools

‘Advanced Tools’ is the last tab of the QuickBooks Tool Desktop Hub that will help you in getting basic Windows shortcuts used for troubleshooting general errors and issues associated with QuickBooks.

Resolve Issues of QuickBooks Desktop Tools Hub

Earlier in this article, we got to know about the QBs Repair tool hub and its components in detail but these different components are to be used to fix any issue. You must be wondering how to use these tools and we are now into your mind with the use of these components described below. 

Resolve the Company File Issue

Tool Hub Company Issues

The company file access errors are in the form of a 6xxx error code – Error Codes 6150 and 1006, QBs Error 6147, Error 6073, QuickBooks Error 6000, 80, Error Code 6189, etc. and these can be fixed via the ‘Company File Issues’ Tab. 

Reach out for ‘Company File Issues’ and click on it.

Within this, you will see the Tool Hub running the QuickBooks File Doctor repair and follow the on-screen instructions to repair your selected company files. Still unable to repair, for any further support related to the company files, you can always take into account the ‘Help’ option.

Resolve the Networks and Connectivity Problems

Tool Hub Network Issues

In case of connection issues, one of the most efficient solutions in QBs Tools Hub falls within ‘Network Issues’. It can be used to fix errors such as Error H101, Error H202, QBs Error Unexpected 5, firewall error, etc. The users’ work is halted while operating QBs as network connections can be a primary problem, in any case, so use this tab and get your instant connectivity solutions.

Resolve the Performance Issues

Tool Hub Program Problems

Many times QuickBooks application freezes its operations or the window crashes and the performance fades with the existence of issues and bugs like Error 1722. But to troubleshoot them, look for the ‘Program Problems’ tab. Under this tab, three tools will be displayed that can fix the error as per the users’ requirements. All these three tools have different functions and assist in increasing the performance of your software while operating QuickBooks.  

  1. The ‘Quick Fix My Program’ option works by instantly shutting down all the programs running in the system.
  2. ‘QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool’ diagnoses the errors in a few minutes but this tool needs your patience to be tested as it is a longer time-taking tool (around 17-18  minutes). 
  3. ‘QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool’ rectifies and repairs all the problems related to printing and mailing PDFs in the QuickBooks application software. 

Resolve the Installation Problems

Tool Hub Installation Issues

Issues with installation, re-installation, and uninstallation in QuickBooks, you need to navigate to find the tab ‘Installation Issue’ and then choose the ‘QuickBooks Install Diagnostic’ Tool. This tool helps in resolving the basic networking and H- series errors prevailing in the system due to the company file access denied.

In case of trouble still existing, tap on the ‘Clean Install Tool’ tab and all the junk, unwanted and corrupted files will be automatically deleted. 

Reset the Forgotten Password

Password Reset

Be it any application, unsuccessful login is one of the major problems faced by any user in the world. Users have multiple accounts with various passwords, so a basic confusion of words is normal. But in QuickBooks, you can easily reset the login credentials by tapping on the ‘Password Reset’ tab. Under this tab, you will see the ‘Reset Password’ and on clicking on it you need to type in the email id registered or the contact number used at the time of sign-up. Click on Submit and verify the link sent to your email id. Now you can type in your new password and successfully login into your account.

Support Issues

Support Issues

If a user wants to have the upgraded version of QBs software and wants to solve the bugs and errors encountered, he must use the ‘Help and Support’ option that will help him to reach out to the team of experts for any type of issues and problems associated with QuickBooks.

 Steps To Uninstall Quickbooks Tool Hub:

 QuickBooks Hub Tool Uninstall

Even though tool hub is one of the best management and accounts applications for troubleshooting glitches and bugs interrupting your work and efficacy. Of all the positive outlooks, you may want to uninstall it. The steps to uninstall have been given below.

  • First,  Add the advanced uninstaller PRO to your system.
  • Click on the Advanced Uninstaller PRO.
  • Now, look out for the General Tools option and select the Uninstall Programs option. 
  • All the Installed programs will be listed in your system.
  • Select the QB tool hub and double-click on it. 
  • Choose the uninstall option.
  • You will see a confirmation dialog box on the screen.
  • Tap on the uninstall button for uninstalling the QB tools hub.  
  • Now, it will be uninstalled via the Advanced Uninstaller PRO. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How can you access the QuickBooks Tool hub?

The installation process of the QBs Hub Tool is the same as other software. You just have to start with downloading the quickbooktoolhub.exe file from the Intuit official website and go with the instructions on the screen to get a storage file in your system. 

Q2. What tools are present in the QBs Desktop Tool hub?

Many tools are available under the Tool Hub namely QuickBooks File Doctor, QuickBooks Database Server Manager, QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool, etc. 

Q3. What is the cost of the QuickBooks Tool hub?

This tool by QuickBooks does not cost you any money and can be downloaded easily for free from the official website of QuickBooks. It is user-friendly software with no extra charges for its quality features. 

Q4. Is QuickBooks File Doctor an integrated tool in the tool hub?

Yes, QBs File Doctor(QFD) is defined as an integrated tool in the QB repair tool. This tool can be accessed by opening the Tool Hub and selecting the ‘Company File Issues’ tab and then run the QFD. 

Final Words

QuickBooks Tool Hub will help you resolve any type of issues and errors with its varied features and quality components. It is a dynamic software application used for performing tasks in a given time. With its existence, users’ way of working becomes efficient, easier, and faster, and projects, reports, and invoices can be created and managed in less time. It even protects your important information with its high-security setup.

Now with the ending of our post, we are quite hopeful to have provided you with the easiest of ways to understand QuickBooks Tool Hub, and still if you are confused with this tool, take assistance from an experienced professional in the related field. 

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