8 Simple Methods To Troubleshoot Quickbooks Update Error 1328

8 Simple Methods To Troubleshoot Quickbooks Update Error 1328

At present, Quickbooks is the most advanced accounting software that has been continuing to create its impact in small and medium-scale businesses. It offers work operations such as creating tax reports, generating financial bills, managing invoices, organization of other inventories, etc. With time, it is developing with new upgrades and more astonishing features. But with all the good words, there is still a lot to be done when it comes to QBs operations. Imagine you are working in free flow and suddenly, the pop-up error windows come up from time to time, you will be quite irritated. So is the case with QuickBooks, its disadvantage arises as it has a number of system bugs, glitches and errors be it update error, banking error, network error, etc.

One such update error that a user can encounter is QuickBooks Update Error 1328. This type of error can be witnessed when a user tries to install, uninstall, repair, or update the QBs program. This error is quite common and can easily be resolved in a few steps. The user needs to troubleshoot this bug if he wants to continue with the hassle-free work and avoid any delay in its reports. Now, in this article, we will thoroughly discuss this error from its symptoms, factors of occurrence to the ways and solutions to fix the Quickbooks 2016 Update Error 1328.

Brief About QuickBooks Update Error 1328

QuickBooks Update Error 1328

Error 1328 Quickbooks Update is a basic update bug that is generally caused during the process of installation, uninstallation, repairing, or updating QuickBooks. It will be viewed as c:/config.ms/PT**.TMP. It. This is a temporary directory folder that stores this data and launches reinstallation in case of failure in installation. Once the process of installation is complete, the data is deleted by itself.

Causes of QuickBooks Update Error 1328

Every kind of error, issue, bug, glitch, or problem can occur due to some factors. In case a user is able to identify these factors then it will become easy for him to identify them early and resolve them at the earliest without any hindrance in your work. The list below will help to guide you towards the causes and factors that enable QuickBooks Update Error 1328 to exist in your system. Read the list below.

  • Issues with downloading QuickBooks software.
  • Corrupted, damaged, or broken QBs files.
  • In case of users’ inability to delete the config.msi folder data.
  • Installation and update failure. Do remember that the installation should be good if the installation is not proper then it can cause issues like com error quickbooks 2017.
  • Arising of Network and connection issues during the downloading process of QBs.
  • Malware and Virus attack bugs the system operations and can cause this error.
  • Invalid entries and junk files are left in the process of uninstallation of the software on your PC.
  • Failure in proper shutdown and instant power cuts.
  • Use of invalid license of QuickBooks application software.

Traits to identify QuickBooks Error Code 1328

Various signs and symptoms can be easily seen by the user when it comes to detecting this update error. Here, we will now discuss these traits that will help you to tackle the issues. The symptoms have been listed below.

  • QuickBooks Update Error 1328 pop up This error can be witnessed when it blocks the installation or updating process of the software.
  • The error message on the screen displayed as Quickbooks release update error message 1328.
  • The Window’s response time is quite high.
  • Your PC halts and freezes from time to time. 
  • Any kind of repairing method is not applicable in the software. 
  • The input devices like mouse and keyboard functions become slow or do not respond properly. 

Methods for Resolving QuickBooks Update 1328 Error 

Easy solutions are a must when it comes to resolving any type of error, so we have put up together different methods that will assist you in troubleshooting QuickBooks Update Error 1328. Read the solutions below to get the easiest of methods.

Method 1: Finding config.msi File

  • From the Desktop, Select My Computer.
  • Tap on the C drive to access it.
  • Now under this drive, you need to reach out for the hidden files and folders.
  • To search for the hidden files and folders, click on the option Tools and go to the option Folders.
  • Select the Options Tab and tap on Hidden files as well as folders.
  • Tap on Apply All Changes and press OK.
  • Now you have to right-click on the config.msi file and rename it by adding old^ before the file extension. .
  • Tap Enter and it will assist you in securing your PC and all the other necessary hidden files and folders.

Method 2: Repairing Quickbooks Installation Process

Repairing Quickbooks Installation Process

  • Click on the Start menu and in the search bar, type in Control Panel.
  • Now you have to choose the tab Programs and Features.
  • Reach out for the QuickBooks software and select it to uninstall.
  • After the QBs installer appears, choose the tab Repair. 
  • After this, you have to apply the patch as this process is finished and then try to run the application. 
  • In case of the patch is not easily applied then you can have some software issue, so you are advised to switch to the next solution.

Method 3: Using A Clean Installation to Reinstall

Using A Clean Installation to Reinstall

After a successful installation of the software, you need to perform a clean installation to reinstall the application. The steps to assist you have been given below.

  1. Using a CD installation Package, you can install the QBs software directly.
  2. From the official site of Intuit QuickBooks, you can search for the software. Download it and access the file. On following the steps on the desktop screen displayed by the installer, complete the process and tap on Finish. You are ready to use it.

Method 4: Use of the Registry Repair Tool

Use of the Registry Repair Tool

  • At first, you need to apply the registry repair tool and try to fix the registry entries associated with the QBs software.
  • After this, use a malware tool removal and resolve the malware and virus attacks on your system.
  • Delete and remove all the temporary, broken, corrupted, outdated, and junk files in order to have a clean virus-free system.
  • You need to even uninstall and delete all the PC drivers that have been outdated. Always remember to keep your software updated because outdated QuickBooks software can lead to errors like QuickBooks error 15222. This will save your time so much and save you from hectic errors that can cause issues.
  • Now you need to start restoring the settings via Undo within Recent System Changes.
  • From the Control panel, as discussed above, you should uninstall the QBs software and cleanly reinstall it as per the instructions displayed on the screen by the QB installer.          
  • Perform a Scan and access the Windows System File Checker.
  •  All the important updates can now be installed.

Method 5: Fix 1328 Update Error Quickbooks While Updating POS v12 and v18 to latest release (r4 and r14)

While updating the QBs POS V18 or V12 latest release, you will get a text error message displaying “Error 1328 and error 2350: FDI Host” or “Microsoft Install Error: Error, 1328.”

Two methods have been provided below to assist you in troubleshooting QuickBooks error 1328 error updating the file.

  1. Firstly, the name of the file has to be renamed to:  “C:\Config.MSU\PTFB53.tmp” and the patch should also be reinstalled.    
  2. Secondly, you have to reinstall the Point of Sale version, update to the latest version and you have to apply the patch. 

[*In case the update installer has a different version of QBs then, you can also see the FDI server error. It can be fixed by tapping on the ignore button each time it pops up.] 

Method 6: Use of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • Firstly, you need to download the QuickBooks Diagnostic Install Tool from the website of Intuit.
  • After a successful download, select the .exe file and the diagnostic tool installer will be opened.
  • On successfully installing the tool, choose a directory folder to save the file.
  • Now, you have to close all the programs running in the background and try to access the QB Install Tool.
  • After updating all the components, restart your PC. 

[* The installation process is time-consuming and can take up to 12-15 minutes and this process is dependent on the network connectivity and configuration of the system]. You can troubleshoot Quickbooks error 6147 by using Quickbooks diagnostic install tool.

Method 7: Using Selective Startup Mode

Using Selective Startup Mode

Many times antivirus, antimalware and anti-spyware programs attack the installation process of QBs.If this occurs, then you have to use the selective startup mode to install the QuickBooks Desktop. This mode assists the user to run the selective programs on your system. There are different Quickbooks error encounters due to antivirus but you can solve those errors by using selective startup mode. Quickbooks Error 15271 is one of the errors which is also solved by using selective startup mode.  We have given a detailed process below. Just follow the steps and you will be all set to use the selective startup mode.

  • On your keyboard, hold Windows+ R to open the run command window.
  • Type in MSConfig and click on OK.
  • Go to the general tab and choose Selective Startup to load system services.
  • Now click on Disable All.
  • Unmark the Hide All Microsoft Services box.
  • After this, you need to assure that the Windows Installer box is marked within the services list. If not marked, check it and tap on OK.
  • From System Configuration, Restart your system.

To restore back your system to its normal configuration, you need to follow the process below.

  • Open the run command window again by using Windows + R on your keyboard.
  • Write up MSConfig and hit OK
  • Within the General tab, select Normal Startup and then click on OK.
  • From System Configuration, restart your system.

Method 8: Using Windows Update

Windows Update

MSXML, Microsoft .Net, and C++ components of Windows are necessary to help function the QuickBooks software. So you are advised to keep your Windows operating system updated. The steps below will guide you to update your Windows.

  • Go to the Start menu and in the search box, type in windows updates.
  • A windows updates icon will be displayed on the screen. Double-click on it.
  • After this, you have to reach out for the option Check for Updates and tap on it.
  • In case your system is fully updated, no list of options will be displayed. But if a list of options comes up, choose it.
  • You now need to restart your PC and check whether the error still exists.


Quickbooks Update Error 1328 is a basic update error that is caused during the process of installation, uninstallation, repairing, or updating QuickBooks. It will be viewed as c:/config.ms/PT**.TMP. It. This is a temporary directory folder that stores this data and launches reinstallation in case of failure in installation. In this article, we have tried our best to help grab you the knowledge on Error 1328, its causes of occurrence, symptoms, and different solutions to resolve it and make your work hassle-free. In case of error still persisting, you need to take special expertise from an IT professional and can also contact the QBs support team available 24 x 7 worldwide.      

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