All The QuickBooks Update Errors With Easy Solutions

All The QuickBooks Update Errors With Easy Solutions

QuickBooks due to various reasons brings us some of the most common errors. Here we are going to discuss one such category known as QuickBooks update errors. As per the name, these kinds of errors occur during updating the software. Not only it hinders the updating procedure but also provides damages to the company file if not resolved shortly. While some errors come with the message, others just show error codes.

A Complete List of QuickBooks Update Errors

If somehow the error occurs without any text then recognize them with these error codes.

QuickBooks error 12031 QuickBooks Error PS058 QuickBooks error 12045
QuickBooks Error PS032 QuickBooks error 12057 QuickBooks update error 15243
QuickBooks error code 12038 QuickBooks Error PS036 QuickBooks Error PS077
QuickBooks error 15240 QuickBooks error 12007 QuickBooks error 15107
QuickBooks error 15241 QuickBooks error 15215 QuickBooks error 12157
QuickBooks error 15311 Error Code 404 QuickBooks error 15106
QuickBooks error 12037 QuickBooks error 15270 QuickBooks error 15277
QuickBooks error 15214 QuickBooks error 15217 QuickBooks error 15221
QuickBooks error 15224 QuickBooks error 15103 QuickBooks error 15225
QuickBooks error 15105 QuickBooks error 15222 QuickBooks error 15104
QuickBooks error 15223 QuickBooks error 15226 QuickBooks error 15218
QuickBooks error 15271


Essential Reasons Behind QuickBooks Update Errors

There are lots of causes that make these irritatable issues appear on your system.

  • If the internet connection is not properly connected. 
  • Internet security and a personal firewall restrict the entry of some relevant programs. 
  • When the same system is used for QuickBooks’ multiple instances.

5 Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Update Errors

There are lots of ways through which you can troubleshoot QuickBooks update errors. Outlined below are some of them. So, let’s get into it.

Solution 1: Verify System Date and Time

  • Start with right-clicking on the System Clock.
  • Now, move towards the tab named Adjust date/time. 
  • Once done, click on Change date and time. 
  • Moreover, add the current date and time. 
  • Tap on the OK button. 
  • After that, just restart your QuickBooks. 
  • You can now end the process by conducting the update process.

Solution 2: Configure the Internet Security and Personal Firewall

  • Initiate the procedure by hitting the Start button.
  • Search for QuickBooks database server manager now. 
  • Tap on the same. 
  • Choose the tab named Port Monitor. 
  • Look at the port number of the QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Thereafter, pick the Start button. 
  • Now, try to find out the Windows firewall. 
  • Move your cursor towards the Advanced settings. 
  • Perform a right-click on Inbound Rules and choose New Rule. 
  • Choose the Port options now. 
  • Make sure to tap on Next. 
  • Try to enable the TCP option. 
  • Put a tick mark on Specific Local Ports and provide the port number. 
  • Choose Next and then tap on Allow the connection tab. 
  • Again, you need to hit Next. 
  • Provide a name to the New Rule. 
  • Repeat the procedure for outbound rules too. 

Solution 3: Download and Install Manual Update for Multiple Instances of QuickBooks

QuickBooks update errors majorly arise due to multiple instances of QuickBooks in the same system. So, to avoid that we have to download and install updates manually for several versions of QuickBooks. 

Solution 4: Configuration of Internet Connection 

If there occurs issues while opening up the chase banking page then move towards the steps below. 

  • Click on the Help menu. 
  • Internet Connection Setup is the next tab that we need to choose. 
  • Move towards the tab named Use my computer’s internet connection settings. 
  • Hit the Next button now. 
  • Once done, tap on Advanced connection settings. 
  • Now, tap on Restore advanced settings. 
  • Thereafter, hit the tab named Done. 
  • Try to update your QuickBooks to examine the error issue. 

Solution 5: Manually Fix Error 15XXX

Move on to only this solution if the system gets corrupted with QuickBooks error 15XXX. 

  • Initiate the procedure by running the reboot.bat file. 
  • Once done, restart your computer. 
  • Now, just access QuickBooks and carry out the further procedure.
  • Hit on the install button to install the update.
  • If you face problems while installing the update then delete and download it once more. 
  • Once done, shut your QuickBooks desktop. 
  • The user now needs to go through these series C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks <version XX>\ Components.
  • After that, navigate towards the Help menu. 
  • Go with the updating procedure of QuickBooks desktop now. 
  • Tap on the Update now button. 
  • Hit option stated as Reset the Updates. 
  • Choose to Get Updates now to download the updates again. 
  • Restart your QuickBooks once the download comes to end. 
  • Choose the Install now button to finish this procedure. 


So, the blog comes to an end here. We hope that this guide efficiently resolves all of your doubts. From these 5 solutions, you can eradicate any of the QuickBooks update errors of the software. If you want to know more about such error types then let us know in the comment section.

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