Quickbooks won’t Open Problem : Easy Solutions to Fix

Quickbooks won’t Open Problem : Easy Solutions to Fix

In 2012, Intuit QuickBooks was developed to aid firms, companies, and other institutions with its modern management and advanced accounting features. It helped these startups and businesses with hassle-free payments online, managing tax bills, creating invoices, and keeping track of salaried expenses, emails, and other inventories. QuickBooks software is majorly used by small and medium businesses to fasten their management and accounting procedures.

It has a lot of qualities but still, there are many bugs and technical errors that can arise during operations in QuickBooks. These errors and issues will delay your timely reports and restrict the progress of your work. There can be many errors coming up but one such kind of error dialog box popping up is ‘QuickBooks Won’t Open.’

This occurs due to the inability of QuickBooks to access the company file. These bugs were identified by the developers and they provided quick instant solutions to such types of issues. In this article, you will be able to understand all the aspects associated with QuickBooks won’t open a company file. Just keep reading further with us.  

Issues faced when QuickBooks won’t open Error exists?

QuickBooks wont open error

In case you experience this QuickBooks won’t open errors then you can face some of the issues in your system. These different issues have been listed below. 

  • The desktop screen halts and freezes.
  • The operations on QuickBooks hang and responds slowly.  
  • Mouse and keyboard functions are not properly responding.
  • Access to the QuickBooks Company File denied.
  • Crashing of the Windows.

Why won’t QuickBooks Open? 

  • The name of the company file of QBs is very long.
  • Corrupted or broken files.
  • The hard drive is corrupted. 
  • Clean installation of QuickBooks is not carried out.
  • Software not upgraded to its latest version.
  • Windows operating system not upgraded to its latest version. 
  • Multiple and repeated clicking on the Quickbooks Icon can cause the software to not respond. 

Resolving Quickbooks won’t Open Problem

QuickBooks won’t open 2016 company file error is a basic error and can be fixed very easily by a few methods. For your assistance, all the methods have been given below.   

Uninstallation and Reinstallation of QuickBooks

  • Click on the start menu and in the search menu, type in the ‘control panel’.  
  • Press Enter and now you need to open the tab ‘Add/Remove Programs.
  • From the list, choose the QuickBooks software and click on ‘Uninstall’.   

  • The uninstallation process will start and will be completed in a few minutes.
  • After successful uninstallation, restart your computer system. 
  • Now, you need to reinstall the software via the downloaded exe file of the QBs software.  

QuickBooks reinstallation

  • Double-click on the exe file and an installation window will be opened. 
  • Do as per the instructions shown on the screen and agree to the license agreement. 
  • Now, let the installation process be completed and click on ‘Finish.
  • All your won’t open QuickBooks errors will be resolved now and you are all set to access the company file.  

Restarting the System

Restart your PC

The easiest and the quickest method to fix any kind of issues, errors, and bugs in your system is by restarting your computer system. On a successful restart, you will witness that all such kinds of errors have been self-resolved in a few moments’ time. 

Compatibility of the system with the latest upgraded version

  • Reach out for the Start menu and write up Updates in the search option.
  • Now, you can find the option updater and click on it.
  • After checking for updates, the server of Windows will take a few minutes to check the availability of the latest upgraded windows updates.
  • In case the list of updates pop up, tap on the download option.
  • After completion of this process, Restart the computer system.

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QuickBooks Registration

Registering QBs should be done if you want to resolve such errors. Firstly, you must confirm whether QuickBooks is already registered or not. If it isn’t, then register it first and try to access the company file.

QBs Registration

How to check If QB is registered
  • On your keyboard, press F2, and a window of the product information will be opened. 
  • Check the status of the registration of QBs from the right side of the license number. 
  • In case you are registered, then it will display a show register text and you can continue with your work. 
If you are not registered
  • Firstly, the Product Information window should be closed.
  • Now, tap on the “Help” tab and reach out for the option “Activate QuickBooks.”
  • After this, do as per the instructions displayed on the screen and proceed with the process of activation. You will now be registered with QuickBooks software.

Switching off QBW32.exe process

Switching off QBW32.exe process

  • On your keyboard, hold Alt + Shift + Delete to open the task manager.
  • Now, click on the Process tab and select the header Image Name to arrange the process alphabetically. 
  • After this, tap on EXE.
  • Click on the End Process option and the exe process will be turned off.

Files Switched Back to Windows Desktop.

  • Browse for your Company file.
  • After locating the company file, right-click on it. 
  • Tap on Copy and open the desktop.
  • Right-click with your mouse on the desktop and tap on Paste.
  • Now, rename the file. 
  • Access QuickBooks and go to the File menu. 
  • Choose the Restore Company option.
  • Select the company file that you had pasted on the desktop. You will now be able to access the company file. 
  • In case you are unable to access the file, switch back the company file to the original destination and rename it again. 

Checking the Company File Properties

hecking the Company File Properties

  • Go to the Windows Explorer.
  • Select your company file and right-click on it.
  • Select the option ‘Properties.’
  • Under the properties option, select the Advanced tab and make sure that the file size is not less than 7 MB, and not be encrypted and compressed.

Opening your Company File from a Different Location

You need to copy the company file to the local drive from its original location and then proceed with the troubleshooting network setup configuration. Also, keep in mind that corrupted and damaged network files with .ND extension files can lead to a multitude of errors that can cause problems in your QuickBooks Software, one of such errors is QuickBooks error 6129. Moreover, you can take help from the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to make your work faster and hassle-free.

Opening your Company File from a Different Location

  • Create a folder in the C Drive.
  • Now open the company file folder.
  • Find your company file and select the.TLG of your company file.
  • Right-click with your mouse on the company file and tap on Copy.
  • Double click on the folder created in the C drive and do right-click inside the folder.
  • Click on Paste.
  • Now, you can try to open the company file from this directory location.

Windows Admin User Account Creation

Windows Admin User Account Creation

  • From the Start option, open the Control Panel 
  • Choose the User Account and select Manage User and then Add.
  • Write in admin’s name and domain and tap on OK.
  • In the case of Windows 10, select Administrator.
  • Tap on Finish and then the User Accounts and click on OK.

Final Words

Quickbooks won’t open company file error occurs due to the inability of QuickBooks to access the company file. These bugs were identified by the developers and they provided quick instant solutions to such types of issues. We have gathered all the information in a nutshell to provide you the concepts associated with this issue in the best possible way. We hope you are able to understand all the aspects of the article and will never face these kinds of bugs and glitches in the future. In case you are still stuck somewhere, you can check all our other articles which will definitely help you troubleshoot all your existing errors. 

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