QuickBooks POS: Features, Hardware and Reviews(A Guide For All)

QuickBooks POS: Features, Hardware and Reviews(A Guide For All)

Quickbooks POS Software, developed by Intuit, is software with a wide range of modern advanced features. In 2012, Intuit started with the accounting software QuickBooks and then its developers came up with the QuickBooks tool hub as users were facing a lot of issues with the software. The tool hub resolved all these bugs and glitches in just a few clicks. Now, it has developed another software called QuickBooks POS (Point of Sales) Software to support your system and make work operations in QBs smoother.

As with QuickBooks Tool Hub, the Point of Sales system is also integrated with Quickbooks. Quickbooks is an accounting management software that has been designed for managing the accounts and finances of small and medium-scale firms. Using Quickbooks, you can easily keep tabs on the company’s growth, organize bills, payment receipts, payrolls, profit & losses, tax reports, and systemization of payments. 

With all these qualities, many users still face different errors, bugs, glitches, and technical troubles. Different types of errors that can exist in your system can be installation errors, network errors, update errors, etc. It is advisable for every user anywhere in the world to make use of QuickBooks Tool Hub to resolve any such errors faced by you. When you repair your files with errors with this tool, it is quite a fast repairing process and you will be able to continue your work without any errors in no time. But today we are not here for this tool but we will be putting our full focus on another software – QuickBooks POS System.   

Quickbooks POS is becoming a universal hub for every kind of business as it helps the users in keeping tabs on sales, tracking daily managerial tasks, inventory management, and with its other features, it improves the worthy relationship between the consumers and the businesses. 

In this review post, we will be going to read about the Quickbook Point of Sales software in a detailed manner, its pros and cons, and lastly the customer reviews and ratings. But let us start with the core topic of the day: QuickBooks POS. Be ready to learn with us.    

Quickbooks POS (Point of Sale Software): Introduction

Quickbooks POS

Quickbooks POS is referred to as the retail point-of-sale systems software created to assist different small and medium-scale firms like clothing stores, footwear stores, sports outlets, supermarkets, etc. Point of Sales QuickBooks helps the firms in keeping tabs on sales, tracking daily managerial tasks, inventory management, easy and effortless fast payments and with its other features, it improves the loyalty and relationship between the consumers and the businesses. Using POS Quickbooks,  you can easily take care of inventories of business in a single go as the built-in system software can be integrated to handle more than 1600 items in a single time. 

This type of system stores consumers’ data for its users for tracking the purchase history of the customer and their behavioral patterns of orders so the user can plan its work operations accordingly. It also assists in configuring receipts and tags, reset promotional prices on the items, tracks orders, rewards benefits, and delivers packages via the Shipping Managers modules feature. This software is even mobile accessible and is easily compatible with android and iOS versions. So, this system software is quite portable in nature as it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. You can use Quickbooks POS crack, as well to get all the benefits of QuickBooks POS.

Quickbooks POS System: Types

Types of Quickbooks POS System

As per your needs and requirements, two types of Quickbooks Point of Sales systems are available in the market. 

  • Cloud-Based
  • On-Premises  

1. Cloud-Based

A Cloud-Based POS System can be accessed by using the internet services on any device. You are just required to have good internet and network connection setup available on your device for accessing this POS system.   

2. On-Premises

Using On-Premises POS, you can easily access its downloaded version on the Quickbook Point of Sale system on a laptop, PC, Android smartphone, or iOS device according to the requirement. But you need to purchase this POS Software from Intuits’ official website and download the exe file & install it via the installer and then you are good to go. 

Point Of Sales QuickBooks: Features 

Features of POS QuickBooks

We all now have a brief idea of what QuickBooks POS is and which type of software it offers. Now we will be going towards its features. QuickBooks Point of Sales 2013 offers various features to integrate with the Quickbooks accounting software that assists the businesses to be a success in this competitive market. Read below to know the features of this software. 

1. Quickbooks Desktop Integration

POS system offers the users with Quickbooks Desktop Integration feature in which all the payments and transactions will be securely transferred to the Quickbooks Desktop easily. The POS System and the Quickbooks Desktop operate with each other when the user adds the Point of Sales Quickbooks to his system and even the data is automatically synchronized with the QuickBooks software and this saves a lot of time. You can now easily work with the POS system on your QuickBooks desktop.

2. Payment Process

The POS Quickbooks is very useful in payments management via the medium of cash, credit, and debit cards. This software is quite compatible and accepts all types of card payments such as RuPay cards, master cards, Discover, Visa, and even American express. The whole procedure of the payment by using these cards is fully in coherence with the desktop monitor so that you can keep a closer eye on the payments and transactions to avoid any kind of errors. The Quickbooks Online POS system also supports EMV payments and other secure payment technology as its primary focus is in providing the security of payments to its users.

3. Inventory Management

The QuickBooks Point of Sale system gives its user the feature of managing the inventory stocks automatically. This feature is only available in its advanced versions – POS Pro and POS Multi-store. We will be reading about them later in the article. Using this feature, the system self-updates and inputs the count of stocks after every sale being carried out. It is an essential feature and allows its users to get every information related to the availability of the inventory at any time and also shows the most and least demanding inventory units on the list.

With this valuable information visible in your systems via POS Quickbooks, you can input, adjust and update your products as per the availability of data and units in your inventory. It will help you better to serve your consumers.

4. Sales Transaction Management

Through Quickbooks Point of Sale, the user can input the sales data in different ways. To use this sales transaction management feature, the user can make use of the barcode scanner for adding new items to create bills or for manually adding the data in your system. A lot of time can be saved if you can add discounts, loyalty points, and reward programs, and other offers on the products and even consumer data directly at the POS directly. 

5. Loyalty Programs

The Quickbooks Point of Sale system also grants many loyalty programs to its users. Through these loyalty programs, the best customers are awarded customized discount coupons and limited rewards and offers and this can be easily created in the POS system software. The users can also keep tabs on the promotional offers used by the consumers and track them all via the system’s dashboard.

6. Customer and Rewards Programs

Management of customers is one of the difficult things that a business can face. But using the QuickBooks Online POS software, you can easily take care of your credit customers and provide them some reward programs. This system will give detailed information about every credit customer and data of their available credit limits, amount due, and other related information. 

Quickbooks Point of Sale System: Hardware Components 

Quickbooks Point of Sale System: Hardware Components 

To be more compatible in your work operations, there are a few physical components and hardware that are attached to the QuickBooks Point of Sale system. As per your needs and requirements, you can attach different types of hardware components. Some of the physical components and hardware devices that support POS Quickbooks have been discussed below.

  • EVM  Ready Pin Pad

EVM  Ready Pin Pad

Using EVM Ready Pin Pad, the user can easily use any debit and credit card for any type of transaction from their customers. The EVM-ready pin pad operates on the latest PCI EPC security standard and thereby reducing the risks and frauds done with the money of the customers. The users using the EVM- ready card readers are not liable to counterfeit card transactions or forfeited money. 

  • Receipt Printer

Receipt Printer

The receipt printer works with the POS Quickbooks system automatically. It prints a bill receipt after every sale transaction has been done. The receipt printer comes up with some unique features through which you can also print gift cards and even credit card receipts. The printer has an in-built cutter that automatically removes the printed receipts from the printer. Also, the easy drop-in paper loader component is used to place the printing papers easily inside it.

  • Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner is a useful component for every user that deals in sales. Nowadays, each and every piece of information of the product can be seen via the data stored in the bar code scanner. Only a bar-code reader scans and displays all the information on the desktop screen. The bar-code scanner in Quickbooks POS Online can scan low and high-density code altogether on products. The barcode scanner is not only used to scan the bar-codes but it also can be used for carrying out different transactions such as sales orders, invoices, refunds and credits, product receipts, and inventory transfer, etc. 

  • Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer

The cash drawer component of the Quickbooks Point of Sale System is an important auxiliary component for completing the complete payments transaction safely and securely. The cash drawer is solid metal construction and can be easily locked for ensuring safety. When the transaction is completed, the drawer will open up automatically and even has dual media input slots. The user can also connect the cash drawer with the receipt printer for activating automatic printing commands. 

  • Pole Display

Pole Display

The component of QuickBooks POS Pole Display is optional hardware for the users. Using the pole display, the user displays the price of any item or any important message related to the item that you want to spread among your customers. This component puts the written message in fluorescent blue color on the screen that attracts the customer’s eyes.   

  • Tag Printer 

Tag Printer 

Inventory tracking is a difficult task, store managers have to keep a closer eye on the inventory stocks and keep the records of the units. For recording the inventory, they made numbers and special characters on the item to keep all the records up to date. Tag printers are used to perform similar things and help the store managers to print the tags for every item. The users can connect the Tag printer with a Bar-Code scanner to carry out an accurate and precise record of inventory stock.  

Quickbooks Point Of Sale System: Available Versions 

Point of Sales Quickbooks is available in three different versions and is compatible with laptops, PC and mobile. Also, it can easily be integrated with the QuickBooks software. The greatest thing about the QuickBooks Point of Sale system is that you are required to just buy it one time and even a 30-day free trial version is available online. All the pricing of these three different versions may vary. The three versions of this software have been listed below. 

  • POS Basic Version
  • POS Pro Version
  • POS Multi-Store Version

1. POS Basic Version

POS Basic Version

The basic version of POS Quickbooks is well-equipped with a variety of features that makes the management of your business easy and hassle-free. It is easily available online for $1200. It helps you in:

  • Tracking Clients data
  • Managing profits and sales
  • Managing Inventory stocks
  • Managing of Discount, Store Credits, Returns, and Gift Cards
  • Creating Custom Reports
  • Attaching images of inventory items
  • Allowing Data transfer to the Quickbooks Accounting software

2. POS Pro Version


The Pro version of POS Software is easily available online for $ 1700 equipped with all the general features of the Basic POS version but it has  some new better features as follows:  

  • Advance Inventory
  • Automatic Purchase
  • Tracking of work & sales order
  •  Provides Rewards and Loyalty programs.
  • Tracking of working hours and sales commission.
  • Management of payroll and employees.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities.
  • Easy Marketing with the Customer manager feature.
  • Label generation and Easy mailing list.

3. POS Multi-Store Version

POS Multi-Store Version

The POS multi-store version of QuickBooks is with all features of Basic and Pro POS versions and has a few more advanced features for improving the compatibility of the users. It is easily available online for $1900. Its advanced features are as follows:

  • It can be used in the large-scale management of multiple stores up to 22 locations in a single system.
  • Analysis of inventory and sales data as per the store location.
  • It gives an overview of consolidated multi-store reports. 
  • It assists in the tracking of inventory stock transfer between different stores.

QuickBooks Online POS: Customers’ Review

QuickBooks Online POS: Customers’ Review

Every type of user can have different opinions when it comes to using  Quickbooks online POS but it is definitely found very useful for many businesses. We will help you in checking out all the positive and negative reviews given by the masses on the Quickbooks POS system.

POS Quickbooks: Positive Reviews 

Below we have given some of the Positive Reviews given by the customers that make the POS system a valuable software to be used.

QuickBooks Online POS: Customers’ Review

  • User-Friendly 

The best part about the QuickBooks POS System is the portability and the ease with which it can be used. The process of using other system software is quite complex when compared to a POS system. 

  • Fixed Fee Structure 

The one-time payment option along with a constant fee structure has seen a positive response from the users when it comes to using the QuickBooks POS. Also, extra hidden charges and other monthly subscription fees are excluded from its payment structure.  

  • Variety of Features

The wide range of features that Quickbooks Point of Sales offers to its users is one of the reasons that attract its customers. Taking the basic version into account, it still has a lot of advanced features that assist businesses in progressing easily. The custom reports, petty cash management, in-built report templates together with physical hardware components make the Quickbooks Point of Sale System an asset for the users.    

POS QuickBooks: Negative Reviews 

There are many users that have not been satisfied with the way QuickBooks Point of Sales System operates so, we are here with the problems, issues, and negative reviews that are given by the users as feedback. 

  • High Pricing 

The cost comes into the picture almost with everything as the right pricing for any software or a product is very important. The users are not very much pleased with the high price structure of the QuickBooks POS system software and this high price band does not fit the pocket of every user. This has been a problem for quite some time and it makes this software to be less likely used by people. It has also been reported many times that the users were charged some extra money in contacting the customer service and assistance team for fixing the troubles they were facing. 

  • Poor Customer Service

Providing good customer service is quite important for the growth of any company but QuickBooks POS has been a failure in providing good customer services to its users. There are many users having low technical knowledge and they need manual support via calling or emailing but the customer care team is quite inefficient and delays its work operating. This leads to the users’ solution not being resolved or if resolved, it takes a lot of time. QuickBooks POS can work on its customer assistance team and take this negative review as a challenge to change its system and satisfy its valuable customers. 

  • Software Bugs

Users of the e-commerce sites have reported that they have faced a lot of difficulties while operating the Quickbooks Point of Sale system software and witnessed that the system is not flawless and crashes several times when you use it. This might be due to the hardware system and its components integrated with the system. because of the hardware components. 

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Final Words

Quickbooks POS is the retail point-of-sale software system developed to assist different small and medium-scale firms like footwear stores, sports outlets, supermarkets, clothing stores, etc. Point of Sales QuickBooks helps the firms in tracking tabs of sales, daily managerial tasks, inventory management, easy and effortless fast payments and with its other features, it improves the loyalty and relationship between the consumers and the businesses. Using POS Quickbooks,  you can easily take care of inventories of business in a single go as the built-in system software can be integrated to handle more than a thousand items in a single time. 

It is available in three paid versions: Basic POS, Pro POS, and Multi-user POS version, every version is available with the one-time payment facility, and no other hidden charges are included. The features of sales management, payment processing, petty cash management, custom reports, return credits, discount vouchers, and gift receipts come with the basic version but if you are in need of more advanced features then you are advised to opt for Pro and Multi-User POS Versions. 

The pricing band of the POS system has been put a bit high but it can be overlooked if one is satisfied with the advanced features it provides. It is an astonishing tool for managing the sales, profits, and inventory system of your business. Using the multi-user POS version, the user can manage up to twenty stores located in different places at one time via a single system.

In case you are a small-scale or medium-scale enterprise, then the POS system Requirements is considered a must-have tool for you. The POS Software is ideally developed for the retailers and the hospitality sectors and helps other respective businesses with its amazing features. It is all value for money when it comes to the single-store retailers wanting their business to grow without much hassle so, it is advisable to with QuickBooks POS Online without a doubt.

We are hopeful and confident enough that this review article has been of great help to you as we have tried to put all the significant information including the features, hardware components, and mainly the customer reviews that will surely help you in reaching out for a wise decision to use this software or not. You can try out a 30-day trial version that is absolutely free of cost and will clear all your doubts regarding the usage of the QuickBooks POS System.

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